Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Help the child count how many circles there are around the toaster dial. Ask him or her to guess where to set the dial to make the toast "lighter" (smaller circles) or "darker" (larger circles). Help him or her count where the middle of the dial would be (fourth circle).

  • Connect the butter pieces into a single "stick." Ask the child to cut the stick into two pieces, then reconnect them into four pieces. This is a great way to discuss the definnition of fractions, and the concepts of whole, half, and quarter!

  • Ask the child to stick together as many pieces of bread and butter as he or she can. What is the greatest number he or she can stick together at a time? (Four: two pieces of bread and two pats of butter.)

  • Challenge the child to balance a single piece of bread in the butter dish. Can he or she make the bread stand upright, on its side, and upside down?