Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Ask the child to sort the pieces by color, shape, or size. Name each color, shape, and size as you go, pointing to each piece as you describe it. Then count and compare the groups you make. Which has the most pieces? Which has the fewest?

  • Connect a few of the pieces (such as a bolt, block, and nut) and ask the child to copy your creation.

  • Build two simple structures that are nearly identical. Ask the child to spot the differences. Then help the child to "fix" one of the two so they are exactly the same.

  • Build a more complex construction and challenge the child to take it apart as quickly as possible using the screwdriver and wrench. Set a timer or count aloud to keep track. Then challenge the child to beat the speed record!

  • Ask the child to attach as many pieces as possible to the tool bench. Add to the challenge by naming specific rules, such as "No yellow pieces on the top," or "Make this side taller than the other side."

  • Encourage the child to create unique vehicles, buildings, or creatures. Offer direct instructions ("Build a robot!") or creative challenges ("Build something that can cross a rocky stream without sinking") to keep imaginations moving,