Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Line up the play people and ask the child to count them. How many boys are there? How many girls? How many all together?

  • Ask the child to identify all the colors the people are wearing. Is the child wearing any of the same colors? Any of the same articles of clothing?

  • Ask the child to set up playdates among the play people, matching friends with something in common. Can the child find two students wearing overalls? Two wearing sweaters? Two with white collars? Then challenge the child to make two groups of three, finding other common traits.

  • Put all the people in the bus and ask your child to study who is sitting where. Ask the child to look away while you switch two people so they are in each other's seats. Then ask the child to look the new arrangement and tell you what has changed. Vary the challenge by switching three or more people, or by hiding one person instead.

  • Put the people end to end to measure length. How many units long is the school bus? Can you find a way to measure height using the people?

  • Ask the child to bring the children home from school and tell you something about each student who leaves the bus. What after-school activities does the student like? How many people are in the student's family?

  • Ask the child to pretend to be the school's teacher. What will today's lesson be? Raise your hand and ask questions as needed to encourage the "teacher."