Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Have kids say each number on the rug out loud as they hop, then repeat with each color!

  • Toss a beanbag onto the rug and have kids land their beanbags in the same square. Take turns going first; the higher the number, the harder the toss!

  • Have kids close their eyes and toss the beanbag onto the rug, then look where it landed and hop on one foot the same number of times as the square (for example: 5 hops for the number 5 square).

  • Have kids answer a simple math problem by tossing a beanbag in the correct square! For example: "What number do you get if you take 1 away from 4?"

  • Challenge kids to toss both beanbags at the same time and land them in the same square.

  • Play a guessing game; give kids clues and see how quickly they can determine the answer. For example: "I am thinking of a number more than 6. There is a bird next to it. It's in the green square . . ." As play progresses, offer the child harder hints!