Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • MAKE A CAKE - Read the recipe card with kids. Have them use a pencil to check off the ingredients needed to make the cake as they set them in front of the mixer. Read the directions and have kids perform each step.

  • COUNT ON IT - Line up the egg and the butter and help kids count the pieces. Have kids use the knife to slice the egg and the butter, and then have them count the pieces. Talk about "whole" and "half." Have kids show you the "whole egg," and then show you "half" of the egg.

  • SPIN THE SPEED - Have kids turn the dial on the mixer to the numbers as you say them aloud. Explain that on mixers, lower number settings mean the beater turns slower and higher number settings make the beater turn faster. Have kids set the dial to "1" and to turn the beater crank slowly, and to set it to "6" and turn the crank very quickly. Challenge them to turn the crank at the appropriate speed for various settings.

  • VARIATIONS - Look at the Variations on the back of the Pound Cake Mix box. If you have the flavors or ingredients in your kitchen, such as lemon, vanilla, chocolate chips, or berries, encourage kids to smell them - and even taste them! Have kids draw and cut out pictures of their favorite flavors, fruits, or toppings to decorate the pound cake!

  • BAKE SHOP - Encourage kids to imagine running a bakery. What would its name be? What would it look like? What kind of music would kids play for customers? What treats would they bake and serve? Have them create menus and signs for their bakery!