Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • Help kids identify what each item in the tea set is and what colors appear on it.

  • Play memory: Say each tea's name and color to kids. Turn the tea chest upside down, then hand kids one (or more) tea bag and ask them to remember its name. Turn the tea chest over again and see if they were right!

  • Place the tea bags in incorrect spots in the tea chest, and have kids put them back into the correct spots as quickly as possible.

  • Line up all six tea bags and ask kids to study them. As they close their eyes, hide one or more of the tea bags. Ask them to look at the remaining tea bags and figure out which is missing.

  • Ask kids if they have ever tasted any of the flavors in the tea set in a food (for example: gingerbread cookies or mint ice cream). Ask them which other familiar flavors might taste good as a tea!

  • Encourage kids to imagine owning a tea shop. Have them set a fancy table for a tea party on the removable placemat. Then place your order on the menu card and ask them to serve your selection. Discuss what other items are sometimes offered at tea parties (finger sandwiches, scones). Optional: Help kids make invitations and place cards with the names of the tea party guests. If it's a formal affair, help the child dress up in a fancy outfit and decorate the play space.