Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • FLIP FLOP FLAVORS Use the menu to identify the flavors of the ice pops, Italian ices, and ice cream fillings. Then, ask kids to imagine different flavors the treats could be--for instance, the blue raspberry-lime ice pop could be blueberry-mint, or the strawberry ice cream filling could be bubble gum!

  • ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, ROLL Designate a starting line on the floor and have kids see how far they can roll each of the cookies and the ice cream fillings! Younger kids may want to roll a whole ice cream sandwich so it doesn't tip over as easily. Which is easier to roll, the cookies or the fillings? Why? For an extra challenge, have kids roll right-handed and left-handed, with eyes closed, or guess where the cookies or ice cream will stop.

  • THAT'S THE WAY THE COOKIE CRUMBLES Have kids line up the two chocolate chip cookies and the two candy cookies face down, then shuffle them to change the order. Take turns flipping over two of the cookies, trying to make a match. If a match is made, the flipper gets a point--no match, no point! Flip the cookies upside down again, shuffle, and repeat!

  • DON'T LET IT MELT It's a hot summer day and the frozen treats are starting to melt! Luckily, folks are starting to line up to help! Set a timer for 30 seconds and start calling out orders. Have kids make and remake as many as they can before the timer goes off!