Discover Countless Ways To Play
  • ONE OF THESE THINGS . . . Lay out four picture boards: three with farm scenes and one with a safari scene. Challenge kids to find the board that's "not like the others" and flip it over! When the boards all match, have them find the correct chunky animal pieces to fill up the farm.

  • WHICH WAY DO WE GO? Have kids line up all the animals that face right in one line, and those that face left in another line, then count the animals in each line: Which has more? Encourage kids to imagine where the two lines of animals are headed.

  • ANIMAL ANTICS: How many animals can kids stack on top of each other before the tower tumbles? Have kids explore different ways of stacking to discover the best way to balance the pieces.

  • SILLY SONGS: Have kids choose an animal and make its noise. Then, have them "sing" one of their favorite songs using that animal's voice!

  • IT'S NOT EASY BEING GREEN: Poor Sea Turtle is feeling lonely because she's the only green animal. Brown Bear decides to cheer her up by helping her discover ways she's similar to the other animals. Have kids help Sea Turtle and Brown Bear find other animals that have four legs, or like to swim, or have spots, or are quiet like Sea Turtle!

  • BEDTIME: The sun is going down and it's time to put the animals to bed. Set a timer and challenge kids to fit all the picture boards and the animals in the storage tray as quickly and neatly as they can!