Melissa & Doug kids playing

Inclusive World

Our sustainability commitment includes making open-ended play possible for ALL children, because a sustainable world is an inclusive one.

Melissa & Doug kids playing

Power of Play

Play is so important to healthy development that pediatricians are now advised to write actual prescriptions for it! We created the Power of Play alliance with the American Academy of Pediatrics to promote the benefits of open-ended play and to give parents the tools to make it an essential, skill-building part of children’s lives.

Skill-Building Toys

At Melissa & Doug, we hear every day from families who share how our toys are helping their kids with essential developmental and life skills. Especially close to our hearts are the parents, educators, and therapists who use our toys to help children with special needs. Our goal is to make our toys accessible to as many children as possible.

Melissa & Doug kid playing with wooden puzzle
Melissa & Doug boy reading book

Playful, Inclusive Content

Our blog often features stories on how our toys can help kids play to their strengths and differences — whether it's a piece about playful learning for kids with autism or outdoor activities for children with sensory issues. We see play as a way for parents to understand how their kids tick — how they learn best, where they need help, what fuels their passions.