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First Day of Spring Flower Craft

2013-03-19 by Roo Ciambriello

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This simply adorable, first day of Spring flower craft is provided by special guest blogger Roo Ciambriello!

With the first day of Spring comes the anticipation of warm weather and bright, sunny days. Here’s a fun “First Day of Spring Flower Craft” to help celebrate the new season!

First Day of Spring Flower Craft

We started out with the Melissa & Doug Finger Paint Paper Pad and the Deluxe Watercolor Paint Set. I explained to my girls (ages 3 and 4) that some spring days are rainy, some are sunny, but both are important for flowers to grow. They painted a backdrop for their flowers and included grass, sunny skies, and rain.

Okay, they may have taken a little creative license with the color of the grass. 🙂 We used Google to look up photos of all different sorts of flowers. I wanted to show them varieties beyond the typical daisies/roses/tulips that they’re used to seeing in the grocery store, so I pulled up photos of big, exotic flowers as well.

Using a Jumbo Construction Pad and a pair of scissors, I cut out large shapes for the flower and petals. The girls picked the colors and used some glue sticks to layer the petals. This was the first time I really let my three-year-old go to town with a glue stick all by herself. At one point she looked up at me with a serious face and said, “Glue sticks are my favorite.” Ha! The little things…

Once their big, abstract flowers were put in place, I cut out a thick stem and some different shaped leaves for them to use. With the leaves and the petals, I made little piles and let them pick (and count!) how many they wanted to use.

The last step is to simply ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over our creations. We made these on a gray day, so I taped them up on a large window for us to admire, but not before taking a few photos.

First Day of Spring Flower Craft

Oh, sometimes we make pirate faces, too.


Roo Ciambriello

Roo Ciambriello writes a humor blog, NiceGirlNotes, and loves that her three daughters are big fans of pretend play, art, and music. When she’s not writing or ‘doing voices’ with stuffed animals (ask to hear her lion voice), Roo likes hanging out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and would love for you to say hi!

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