Go Tots Barnyard Tumble Toy Go Tots Barnyard Tumble Toy


NEW Baby and Toddler toys specially designed to be a launch pad for discovery and inspire early imaginative play for even the littlest ones!

Melissa & Doug baby and toddler toys inspire “a-ha!” moments of discovery. Adorable, diverse characters and a variety of fun shapes and textures encourage exploratory, skill-building play.

child playing with wooden grocery cart toy

How to Play is However They Want

Imagination requires no instructions. That’s why our toys have no rules. They inspire open-ended play so children can turn the toys into whatever they want, however they want. It’s about the freedom to have the most fun possible while also learning, developing, and growing.

Because playtime doesn’t need a playbook.


These new toys for babies and toddlers let kids take the lead — and give them the foundation for a lifetime of learning!

illustration of go tots car toy
Kinetic & on the Move

With GO Tots™ and Rollables, kids explore delightful moments of cause-and-effect as they create the action!

illustration of fill & spill taco toy
Fun Shapes & Textures

Designed to spark the senses, these toys will have kids touching, grasping, rolling, stacking, sorting, and more!

illustration of rollable toys
Diverse Characters

This playfully designed collection features adorable, relatable characters and animals.

illustration of light bulb doodle
Open-Ended Play

Imaginations can run before they can crawl. And these toys pave the way for the possibilities!

Dr. Jenny’s Play Tips

Practical advice on how play helps us understand children’s minds and strengthen relationships