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Do you share our passion for play?

At Melissa & Doug, we strive to ignite imagination and wonder in all we do, whether it's making our toys, creating our culture, or building careers. Come play with us!

Timeless Toys. Endless Possibilities.®

Imagine working for a company with a mission you can truly believe in, a playful and energetic culture, a commitment to sustainability, a talented team of coworkers, and a bright future!

5 Reasons to Play on Our Team

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Imagine a "workplace of wonder" where you’re encouraged to take risks and embrace new ideas!

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Create a career for yourself where hard work and "playful productivity" are valued!

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Explore a world designed to foster "empowerment & discovery" where you're urged to pursue your passion and reach for the stars!

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Connect and become a part of a "collaborative community" that is committed to treating people with honesty, authenticity, and respect!

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Think with "ingenuity & originality" as you find innovative solutions for putting more play into the world!

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Our responsibility is to create playthings that inspire kids to open their minds!
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Imagination takes practice. Our job is to coach and nurture it!
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Wonder is a way of looking at the world. Our duty is to champion it!
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Play with

For 30+ years, we've sparked imagination
and wonder through open-ended play!

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Creating a more
playful planet

We're committed to making timeless, sustainable toys
for a thriving and inclusive world.

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