Melissa & Doug Fun and Educational Card Games for Kids Smarty Pants Kindergarten Card Set

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Fun and Educational Card Games for Kids

October 01, 2022

Engage Kids with Fun and Educational Card Games They’ll Love

Limiting kids’ screen time is becoming increasingly more difficult as more and more of our world has become digital. If you’ve been struggling to come up with screen-free ideas to engage your child, these time-tested card games for kids will give you some terrific options. 

For generations, card games have captured the imagination and excitement of minds of all ages. In fact, recent studies have found that they have immense benefits for children’s learning and development. Card games have been linked to increased emotional intelligence, cooperation, mathematical skills, strategic thinking, focus, and memory. 

Depending on the objective of the game, children are either exercising their cognitive skills with activities such as memorization, matching, story development, and math, or they are strengthening their social skills by playing in a group setting and working together with their peers. To help you and your kids get the most out of playtime, we have picked out some fun and educational card games that will get them excited about learning.

Play with Poke-a-Dot Alphabet Learning Cards

Melissa & Doug Fun and Educational Card Games for Kids Poke-A-Dot Alphabet Cards

These cards are perfect for little ones as young as one year old. With a card for each letter of the alphabet, your toddler can learn their ABCs while pressing buttons that click and pop to keep them coming back for more. The tactile experience of handling the Poke-a-Dot Alphabet Learning Cards and discovering different popping sounds delights children while helping them learn language, counting and fine motor skills. 

Classic Card Game Set: Oldies but Goodies

Melissa & Doug Fun and Educational Card Games for Kids Classic Card Game Set

When in doubt, the classic easy card games for kids we enjoyed when we were young are a surefire way to keep your children entertained and engaged. The best part is you get built-in quality time while you explain the rules and share stories from when you were their age and played the same games with your family and friends. This classic card game set includes three iconic fan favorites: Old Maid, Go Fish and Animal Rummy. Old Maid and Go Fish both engage your child’s matching and pattern recognition skills, with Go Fish also helping them learn how to listen, communicate what they need, and take turns. With Animal Rummy, whimsical wild animal illustrations encourage children to think strategically and make calculated decisions.

Super Fun Smarty Pants Card Sets

Melissa & Doug Fun and Educational Card Games for Kids Smarty Pants Kindergarten Card Set

Smarty Pants card sets are household favorites for a reason. As your child grows and their minds and interests develop, Smarty Pants educational card games grows and changes with them. Each set of these educational card games is designed with your child and their stage of development in mind, so the activities match their level of humor, education and attention span to keep them engaged, excited and giggling. 

The preschool set is perfect for kids ages three and up and is a fantastic way for your little one to learn new facts and get their minds going. Each set is packed with fun activities designed to keep kids engaged. From picture puzzles and math challenges to tongue-twisters and mazes, there is truly something for everyone’s interests. For kids ages five and up, the Smarty Pants Kindergarten set comes with puzzles, math challenges, vocabulary builders, games and more. And first graders will love the trivia quizzes, problem-solving puzzles, fun facts and creative story-building games in the Smarty Pants First Grade set. Designed to encourage independent use, your kids will enjoy the freedom of either taking the wheel themselves or playing with you or their friends.

Whether you are hanging out at home or on a family trip, card games for kids are a tried and true way to keep your little ones entertained—no computer screen required. In addition to being an entertaining interactive activity, they also teach children important skills like memorization and strategy. And all you need to play are some cards and the desire to have a whole lot of fun!