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Fun Roadtrip Games for Families

August 02, 2022

As parents, this is a scene that will probably sound familiar to you: You plan the family road trip of your dreams, spend a week packing, and finally make it out on the road. Just as you pull onto the highway, you look into your rear view mirror and see your child staring blankly at you with a “now what?” look on their face.

Melissa & Doug Best Road Trip Toys for Kids Travel Toys

Before we jump into recommending fun road trip games, we want to remind you that keeping your kids entertained 24/7 is a herculean feat, especially during long road trips. We recommend you read our founder Melissa’s article on normalizing boredom for our children.

With this in mind, road trips can become a great moment for exploration and learning. Think of it as a chance for them to spend more time in their heads and develop the important life skill of learning to entertain themselves! 

The Ultimate Screen-Free and Fun Road Trip Games that Spark Creativity and Imagination

Here are our favorite screen-free games to play in the car with the family!

Top 5 Fun Road Trip Games 
1. Flip To Win Memory Game 

 Melissa & Doug Best Road Trip Toys for Kids Flip-to-Win Memory Game

Age: 5+

Why it’s great: This travel-ready memory game packages an old family favorite into a durable wooden frame. Put their memory skills to the test with 7 double-sided, laminated, cards illustrated with fun themes like colors, zoo, fruit and more. 

Sweet detail: Want to get in on the fun? Hop in the back seat and use the opportunity to teach them friendly competition and keep score with the built in scoreboard. 

Countless Ways to Play: Turn the game into a multi-sensory experience! As you reveal the items, make up a sound for each—even if it's a nonsense sound. Try to do the same sound every time you reveal that item!

2. Flip to Win Hangman Travel Game 

Melissa & Doug Best Road Trip Games and Toys for Kids Flip-to-Win Hangman Travel Game

Age: 6+

Why it’s great: Here’s a perfect opportunity to get silly with your kids by thinking of words that can stump them when playing Hangman. This fun game to play on your road trip features a self-storing dry-erase marker. Erase and play endless rounds until you reach your destination! 

Sweet detail: The game features 37 plastic tiles with letters that help them practice the alphabet.

Countless Ways to Play: For an extra challenge, start with some of the hangman tiles flipped over, or flip two hangman tiles over for each incorrect letter guess.

3. Puffy Sticker Sets 


Melissa & Doug Best Toys and Gifts for Road Trip Puffy Stickers Play Set - Pirate


Age: 4+

Why it’s great: Our puffy sticker sets are a safe and simple way to create entire new worlds from the back seat of your car. Place the stickers on the board to create a scene, or use the window as the ultimate creative canvas!

Sweet detail: The reusable stickers offer endless opportunities for kids to express their creativity, all while improving fine motor skills and communication. 

Countless Ways to Play: With dozens of puffy sticker themes we recommend finding one that aligns with your destination. For example, if you’re headed to the beach, you could get our Pirate Puffy Sticker Set. 

4. On the Go ColorBlast No-Mess Coloring Pad

Melissa & Doug Best Toys and Gifts for Road Trips On the Go ColorBlast No-Mess Coloring Pad Vehicles

Age: 3+

Why it’s great: Finally, an arts and crafts activity that won’t make a mess in the car! Our “magic” pen brings surprise pictures to life with vibrant colors, details, and patterns to life. 

Sweet detail: This seek-and-find coloring activity promotes fine motor skills, pre-writing skills, and visual discrimination and features convenient storage for the magic pen. 

Countless Ways to Play: With dozens of themes to choose from, pick a ColorBlast that aligns with the destination of your road trip. 

5. Wipe-Off Activity Pad

Melissa & Doug Best Toys and Gifts for Road Trips On the Go Write-On Wipe-Off Activity Games Pad

Age: 6+

Why it’s great: This reusable activity pad features word, number, and picture games that can be played alone or with a partner.

Sweet detail: Keeping your children engaged can be tough at times, but with 17 games they’ll have access to hours of screen-free fun during the family road trip.

Countless Ways to Play: Take advantage of the reusable games pad and turn it into a family tournament!