Melissa & Doug Play Tips with Dr. Jenny Rollables Ocean Slide blog post

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Play Tips with Dr. Jenny: Rollables Ocean Slide

May 26, 2023

In the most recent installment of our ongoing YouTube video series, Dr. Jenny Radesky—a developmental behavioral pediatrician, mother of two, and contributor to the Living Playfully blog—shares with parents and caregivers her tips and insights on how play creates a foundation for life skills.

Dr. Jenny Shares her Expertise on Playtime Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Scroll on to see Dr. Jenny share practical playtime tips as she observes kids playing with the Melissa & Doug Rollables Ocean Slide toy.

Melissa & Doug Play Tips with Dr. Jenny Rollables Ocean Slide blog post


As Dr. Jenny says to encourage parents and caregivers: Remember, there's no one perfect way to play…create your own stories, and feel free to make up something that feels good to you, or reminds you of your childhood. You've got this!

Now streaming on YouTube: Play Tips With Dr. Jenny! Watch the video below, and be on the lookout for more great video content from Dr. Jenny and Melissa & Doug!


  • Characters: When toys include characters, it's an added incentive for kids to make up their own stories through play. It's easier to play when kids can see little faces and tie the characters to their own experiences: going to school, visiting the doctor, meeting strangers, etc.
  • Motor Planning: Kinetic toys such as our Rollables line of infant and toddler items encourage kids to move while playing—they squat, kneel, stand, reach, grab, throw, and more, which helps them build important connections in the motor centers of their brains. Motor planning basically explains how kids plan and organize their bodies while moving. 
  • Sensory Play: Kids experience the world through the palms of their hands, so when kids have these kinetic play characters to interact with, it helps them explore their world and get emotions out. If you notice your child has the "wigglies" or is experiencing a lot of frustration, get them moving with kinetic toys like our Rollables Ocean Slide—that kind of play helps get their energy out and focused without throwing a tantrum.

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