STEAM Toys: Learning Through Play


STEAM Toys: Learning Through Play

November 03, 2022

Anyone who has watched kids play can see their natural curiosity as they explore and try new things. It’s in their nature to take things apart and put them back together, design their own contraptions, and solve problems – all while having fun! Melissa & Doug designs toys that encourage learning through play, and we’re proud to announce that several of our toys have been awarded the 2022 Toy Association's official STEAM Stamp of Approval.

What is a STEAM Toy?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. To receive a STEAM rating, toys must meet the rigorous requirements according to the Toy Association's definition, and have gone through testing by Dr. Gummer's Good Play Guide.

Melissa & Doug STEAM Toys

We proudly present this list of Melissa & Doug STEAM toys, designed to nurture kids' curiosity and get them excited about science and the arts. Our STEAM toys provide opportunities for children to experiment, use problem-solving skills, gain self-confidence, and learn about the world around them – all through play.

100 Piece Wood Blocks Set – Ages 2+

Melissa & Doug 100 Wooden Blocks Toys

With bright, bold colors and multiple shapes and sizes, this solid wood block set will have kids building and designing to their heart's delight. The sky's the limit as they stack the blocks, knock them down, re-configure, and create stories relating to their structures. Little builders ages two and older will find the smooth blocks easy to grasp, allowing them to also practice fine motor skills, color and shape recognition, and simple pre-math skills.

Construction Building Set in a Box – Ages 4+

Melissa & Doug Construction Set in a Box

Kids can be engaged for hours with this little wooden construction set that has everything they need to tinker, build, and design. It also helps build imaginations as kids incorporate their designs into pretend play. The classic toy includes 48 wooden pieces including nuts, bolts, drilled connecting bars, a wooden child-size screwdriver, and simple building plans to jump-start their creations. Any time kids play with this durable set, they'll also be building fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and shape recognition.

Deluxe Pounding Bench – Ages 2+

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Pounding Bench

This high-quality, solid wood pounding bench features eight brightly colored pegs that play "peekaboo" as they go up and down. As little ones "pop" the pegs with the mallet or use their hands to push the pegs, they'll be exploring cause and effect, color recognition, hand-eye coordination, as well as pre-math skills. It's fun for kids to get a rhythm going as the delightful faces on the non-removable pegs take turns showing their smiles.

Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set – Ages 3+

Melissa & Doug Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set

This toy veterinarian kit gives young animal lovers everything they need to examine and treat pretend pets. It comes with two adorable plush pets and 24 accessories for furry ones' boo-boos including a stethoscope, syringe, pretend ointments, bandages, reusable exam checklist, and even a neck cone. Everything packs up in the tote bag for easy storage (and it comes in handy in case little vets get called out for an emergency.) Kids can enjoy hours of pretend play with the kids-sized accessories while increasing their fine-motor, problem-solving, and socio-emotional skills.

Pattern Blocks and Boards Classic Toy – Ages 3+

Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks Play Set

This highly engaging wooden puzzle toy lets kids explore shapes and colors hands-on as they fill wooden backgrounds with sturdy wooden pieces. Little artists can follow one of the included design templates or create their own with the 120 wooden tiles in six different shapes. Ideal for independent play and creative expression, the classic toy also helps kids develop logical thinking, and increases fine motor and problem-solving skills.

Take-Along Tool Kit Wooden Toy – Ages 3+

Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit

This wooden play toolbox gives kids the tools they need for truly constructive play. The toolbox play set comes with 24 wooden pieces sized right for little hands including nails, screws, nuts and bolts, a hammer, wrench, and screwdriver. Whether kids play independently or with guidance, they'll be able to use their imaginations and engage in pretend play while practicing counting, sorting, and matching skills. The toy toolbox is a great introduction for kids to understand simple tools and how things work, while providing endless opportunities for creative expression.

Wooden Project Solid Wood Workbench – Ages 3+

Melissa & Doug Project Workbench

Little builders can enjoy hours of pretend play as they make their own little workshop come alive with their creations. The sturdy wooden workbench is just the right size for little kids and has everything they need right down to the nuts and bolts. It comes with 55 construction pieces including a functioning vice, hammer, screwdriver, saw, and wrench, plus a booklet with ideas to spark imaginations. Playing with the toy workbench can help build confidence as kids explore hands-on learning and practice cause and effect, simple math and problem-solving skills.