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The Best Baby Shower Gifts

October 05, 2022

If you’ve got a baby-themed celebration coming up on your calendar, we’ve got you covered: Melissa & Doug’s new line of baby and infant toys would make for perfect baby shower gifts!

Top 10 Baby Gifts That Parents will Love, Too

Don’t miss these toddler and baby toys, available right now, especially if you’ve got a baby shower or infant birthday to attend. Keep scrolling for an eye-catching sneak peek at this line of baby and toddler toys designed specifically for those little loves in your life, and why they’ll make a great gift for any baby shower.

#1: Wooden Shape Sorting Grocery Cart

Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Grocery Cart

WHAT'S THE SCOOP: This push toy really pulls its weight in play. As a walker, it’s the perfect developmental toy to help young kids build key gross and fine motor skills and balance. As kiddo ages up, it becomes a pretend toy for all those imaginary trips to the store and play kitchen. Plus, it includes two complete chunky puzzles with play pieces and boards and a pretend travel drink cup, and features shape sorting sides and a rolling picture drum.

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY: You get a lot of mileage from this skill-building powerhouse toy, which helps kids develop in several key areas over those critical learning-through-play years.


#2: Wooden Surprise Gift Box

Melissa & Doug Wooden Surprise Gift Box

WHAT’S THE SCOOP Here’s one gift that really keeps on giving! This sturdy wooden play set is pure brilliance: A Surprise Gift Box with a mirror in the bottom that baby can open again and again and again—plus toys for wrapping, too! This sensory-stimulating toy offers lots of textures, colors, sounds, and interactive play features to engage babies for hours of exploratory play. 

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY Babies love repetitive play, they love to look at themselves, and they love to be surprised and delighted. Our Wooden Surprise Gift Box checks all those boxes and more. This toy could be a surprise hit with the online Unboxing community!


#3: Rollables Wooden Ocean Slide

Melissa & Doug Rollables Wooden Ocean Slide

WHAT’S THE SCOOP Toddlers will be taking a deep dive into this wooden ocean-themed interactive play set, thanks to the included cute plush sea creatures that serve as pretend play mates. The Rollables Ocean Slide features engaging details such as a built-in bead maze on the side and adorable underwater animal-themed details, which will keep kids playing while they develop hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, and an appreciation for the natural world.

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY: Kids naturally gravitate towards cute, friendly plush toys—stuffed animals are usually the first pretend playmates that kids have. So the plush Rollables will hook kids, while the detailed and interactive playsets keep them playing for hours of undersea fun.


#4: GO Tots Barnyard Tumble

Melissa & Doug GO Tots Barnyard Tumble

WHAT’S THE SCOOP This developmental stacker toy will fine tune your child’s fine motor skills as well as their storytelling ability. The four GO Tots discs feature cute and friendly farm folks and critters that will engage kids from the start. But the fun really gets rolling when kids stack the GO Tots and roll ‘em down the ramps. The surprise and delight happens when kids reveal who’s behind the barn door!

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY: Like a game that never ends—meaning the play lasts more than just five minutes—the journey is more important than the destination with the GO Tots Barnyard Tumble. This developmental toy that combines stacking play and imaginative storytelling will yield big crops of learning fun for any kiddo who loves a good farm theme.


#5: Pineapple Soft Stacker

Melissa & Doug Pineapple Soft Stacker

WHAT’S THE SCOOP Cutest. Fruit. Toy. EVER! Sensory toys are all the rage at this age and stage, and the Pineapple Soft Stacker practically yells, “Welcome!” thanks to all the different senses it will stimulate. There’s a rattle in the base that gets baby’s attention, then one hard plastic ring (perfect for gumming or teething) plus two soft rings, including one that crinkles, for additional tactile play. 

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY Sensory toys help hardwire all sorts of neural connections in your child’s developing brain while they play, even at these beginning stages. Help your child explore their senses while also developing fine motor skills and problem-solving ability with the Pineapple Soft Stacker. 


#6: Soft Taco FIll & Spill

Melissa & Doug Soft Taco Fill & Spill

WHAT’S THE SCOOP Melissa & Doug found a way to make every day Taco Tuesday! The Soft Taco Fill & Spill will satisfy your young child’s hunger for learning fun as a pretend toy that also offers plenty of sensory development as well. This Soft Taco comes with all the fabric-fixins, including 3 crinkly fabric pieces, 3 smooth pieces, additional fabric food, not to mention textured condiments, too.

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY The Soft Taco’s sensory stimulation will keep kids coming back for seconds (and thirds, and fourths…), while also giving their fine motor skills a good workout trying to assemble the Soft Taco Fill & Spill over and over. (Have you seen what happens to a taco after the first bite?)


 #7: Market Basket Fill & Spill

Melissa & Doug Market Basket Fill & Spill

WHAT’S THE SCOOP With some states banning single-use plastic bags in stores, it’s more important than ever for kids to learn eco-friendly habits. Our mesh Market Basket Fill & Spill sets the stage for life-long sustainability, but will also keep your kiddo busy for hours of learning and development fun. Seriously, have you ever seen a kid fill and refill a shopping bag over and over? 

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY Pretend food pieces with friendly faces invite kids in to play, while the sensory features—rattles, squeaker, crinkles, and chimes—will keep them coming back while they develop gross and fine motor skills.


#8: PB&J Take-Along Toy

Melissa & Doug PB&J Take-Along Toy

WHAT’S THE SCOOP A teether or two is a must-have item for anyone with a young baby at home. Our PB&J Take-Along toy has the necessary hard plastic needed for any baby’s teething purposes, with a mixture of textures and characters to make it both fun and functional.

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY PB&J’s funny faces elevate the Take-Along toy beyond a normal everyday teether, while the mixed textures and engaging colors mean good luck getting this away from your little one.


#9: Rollables Treehouse Twirl

Melissa & Doug Rollables Treehouse Twirl

WHAT’S THE SCOOP Rollables don’t just live under the sea—Rollable forest friends are going on a treehouse adventure with this engaging, interactive play set. Fox, Squirrel and Raccoon get the fun rolling, as the Rollables make their way through the circular treehouse. Whee!

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY You never know which way the cuddly critters will go when the Rollables go on their treehouse escapade, which is all part of the fun. The treehouse also features plenty of fun forest-themed details to make pretend play like second nature.


#10: GO Tots Schoolyard Tumble

Melissa & Doug GO Tots Schoolyard Tumble

WHAT’S THE SCOOP Take anxiety and worry out of preschool days with this school-themed GO Tots playset. Use the Schoolyard Tumble to teach kids exactly what to expect when they start school…let them take over for pretend play and learning development fun! 

WHY IT’S SHOWER WORTHY Detailed play like this requires a lot of hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and manual dexterity, three key areas that get developed when they play with the Schoolyard Tumble. Plus, any toy that gets them hooked on going to school is a win-win in our textbook!