Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys & Gifts for Kids

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The Best Ocean Toys And Gifts For Kids

July 14, 2022

Is your child an underwater explorer, friend to sea creatures near and far? We've got toys for that! These special aquatic toys, crafts, and pretend play activities are sure to transport kids to ocean worlds and inspire their seaside adventures.

10 Best Toys for Kids Who Love Ocean Animals

Here are ten of our favorite ocean animal toys that are sure to inspire play that goes swimmingly.

#1. Rollables Wooden Ocean Slide

Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys & Gifts for Kids Rollables Wooden Ocean Slide

Age: 12 months+

Why it's great: Inspire imaginative oceanside adventures through kinetic play with a sturdy, wavy wooden slide and 3 adorably round Rollables!

Sweet details: Includes wooden slide tower with built-in bead maze, a sea star to turn, whale flipper to press that stops and starts rolling, a removable durable funnel, and 3 Rollables: shark, crab, and octopus with chime.

Skills: Sensory development, fine motor skills, problem-solving ability 

#2. Fishing Magnetic Puzzle Game

Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys and Gifts Fishing Magnetic Puzzle Game

Age: 3+

Why it's great: This wooden puzzle game lets kids bring the fishing boat inside with a magnetic fishing pole that "catches" ten colorful aquatic animals!

Sweet detail: Pictures under the pieces encourage matching skills.

Skills: Hand-eye coordination, fine motor

BONUS! Countless Ways to Play: Turn your playroom into the ocean by taking the sea creatures out of the puzzle and helping them swim. (Or bring this outside and turn your backyard into the beach!)

#3. Reusable Sticker Pad - Habitats

Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys & Gifts for Kids

Age: 3+

Why it's great: This interactive sticker book lets kids create their own aquatic adventures with 150+ reusable stickers and five glossy, colorful scenes.

Sweet detail: The ocean is just one of this book's backgrounds — kids can think outside the box by putting an octopus in a desert oasis, an elephant in the deep blue sea, a deep sea diver on a farm, or travel back in time to a prehistoric landscape.

Skills: Fine motor, creative thinking

BONUS! Countless Ways to Play: Continue the theme of mixing and matching—kids can draw their own background landscape (perhaps outer space!) and use the stickers on their own creations.


#4. Flip Fish Baby Toy

Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys and Gifts Flip Fish Baby Toy

Age: 1+ Months

Why it's great: This brightly colored, multi-textured soft toy isn't a typical stuffed animal—it has hidden pictures under its scale, a squeaker tail to encourage grasp and finger strength, and a shatterproof mirror for getting used to reflections. 

Sweet detail: Washable fabric makes it super-easy to clean.

Skills: Fine motor

BONUS! Countless Ways to Play: If you're playing with a toddler, take turns hiding and finding the fish.

#5. Water Wow! Under The Sea Water Reveal Pad

Age: 3+

Why it's great: No-mess painting for kids! This exciting paint-with-water coloring book includes four reusable pages and a refillable water pen. Simply use the pen to color in each scene--details and vibrant color appear with every stroke! 

Sweet detail: The chunky-sized water pen is easy for kids to hold and stores neatly right in the front cover, so Water WOW! books make ideal travel activity books and travel toys for kids.

Skills: Fine motor, logic & problem-solving, creativity

#6. On the Go ColorBlast No-Mess Coloring Pad - Sea Life

Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys and Gifts On the Go ColorBlast No-Mess Coloring Pad - Sea Life

Age: 3+

Why it's great: Kids get to use a "magic" pen to reveal surprise pictures as they color in the 24 pages of seek-and-find ocean-themed scenes.

Sweet detail: This no-mess coloring pad is the perfect activity for car rides.

Skills: Fine motor, pre-writing, visual discrimination

Countless Ways to Play: Encourage kids to write a story about the underwater scene they just magically uncovered.

#7. Louie Lobster Claw Catcher Pool Toy
Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys and Gifts Louie Lobster Claw Catcher Pool Toy

Age: 5+

Why it's great: This bright red lobster's claws are so much fun to squeeze — especially when they're grabbing the included three fishy sinkers.

Sweet detail: While Louie Lobster is technically a pool toy, it's suitable for indoor use, too.

Skills: Gross motor, fine motor

Countless Ways to Play: It's a race—take turns timing kids while they try to pick up one fish at a time from the bottom of the pool and carry it to the edge of the pool using only the Claw Catcher. 

#8. Spark Shark Fish Hunt Pool Toy

Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys and Gifts Spark Shark Fish Hunt Pool Toy

Age: 6+

Why it's great: Kids will have fun swimming with the sharks when they grab onto the two Spark Shark net handles and glide through the pool to scoop up six fishy sinkers.

Sweet detail: Brightly colored fish sinkers are easy to spot in the water.

Skills: Gross motor, hand eye coordination

Countless Ways to Play: Scatter the fishy sinkers, grab your teammates, and start racing as each person has to scoop up one sinker.

#9. Underwater Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces
Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys & Gifts for Kids Underwater Floor Puzzle - 48 Pieces

Age: 3+

Why it's great: The jumbo Underwater Floor Puzzle features beautiful original artwork that depicts a deep ocean scene. Kids can learn about different kinds of fish and other creatures that make the ocean their home, as well as recognize some of their favorites including jellyfish, and sharks. 

Sweet detail: The large floor puzzle measures an impressive two feet x three feet when it's assembled, and the 48 extra-thick cardboard pieces feature an easy-to-clean surface to keep it looking like new. 

Skills: Fine motor, hand eye coordination, problem solving

Countless Ways to Play: Once you complete the undersea puzzle, play "I spy" to spot the sea creatures.

#10. Mermaid Role Play Costume Set

Melissa & Doug Best Ocean Toys and Gifts Mermaid Role Play Costume Set

Age: 3+

Why it's great: Anyone can be a mermaid with this shimmering dress that features a fishtail and seashell tiara.

Sweet detail: High-quality fabrics and construction, so they can wear the costume as much as they want.

Skills: Imagination 

Countless Ways to Play: Perform a skit or play starring your mermaid character!