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Toy Spotlight: Jumbo Burrow Bunny Stuffed Animal

March 03, 2023

In this Toy Spotlight blog, our featured toy really takes the (carrot) cake—it’s the Melissa & Doug Jumbo Burrow Bunny Plush Stuffed Animal, and just in time for Easter, too!

The Easter Bunny has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions of kids around the world, and that famed holiday hare has cornered the market as Easter’s premier animal mascot. This time of year, when spring rolls around and Easter takes center stage, it’s only natural to want to bring a rabbit home for the holidays—but you know how THAT story ends when you’re talking about real-life rabbits. That’s why the Jumbo Burrow Bunny Stuffed Plush Animal is the far superior gifting alternative: bigger than the real thing, cuddlier, easier to care for, and zero mess!

Easter Sunday falls on April 9, 2023, so there’s still plenty of time to track down a Jumbo Burrow Bunny as an Easter gift for your little bunny’s basket. Jumbo also happens to be a certified Melissa’s Pick, which makes perfect sense when you see your child cuddle this super-soft, durably made, utterly adorable plush stuffed animal. 

If you need assistance shopping for Easter gifts this year, let Melissa & Doug offer a helping hand—go to our online shop to help you find the perfect Easter or anytime gift for your child!


Why Kids Will Love this Jumbo Burrow Bunny

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Jumbo Burrow Bunny Plush Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Jumbo Burrow Bunny Stuffed Plush Animal

Play Basics: The adorably oversized lop-eared Jumbo Burrow Bunny will hop happily into any child's life! Extra-soft and squishy plush and fill make this bunny perfect for petting and hugging. Durably made from top-quality materials, it will last through years of cuddles. The two-toned beige bunny rabbit sits about 21 inches tall and 20 inches wide. With a sweet face, long ears, and big, floppy feet, it's ideal for kids' rooms, from nurseries to college dorms!

Playful Details: Two-toned beige lop-eared jumbo plush bunny rabbit sits up on its own, and measures approximately 21 inches tall and 20 inches wide. Plush bunny stuffed animal features a sweet face, long ears, and big, floppy feet, plus a soft, pet-able exterior. Pillow-like stuffing makes bunny extra-cuddly, and his durable construction means generations of play for this beloved stuffy.

Age: 2+ years

Who Will Love This: The hugger, the cuddler, the stage-four clinger: Kids who love to snuggle and be cozy are the perfect candidates to get plush stuffed animals as a gift for any occasion. Future veterinarians, farmers, or animal handlers—or any child who’s just wild about animals and nature—would also love to get a cuddly plush critter as a gift. 

Gift Tip: If you’re gifting the Jumbo Burrow Bunny plush for Easter, this one’s a no-brainer: Place your child’s Easter basket right in its lap for that egg-stra special treat on Easter Sunday morning. For a special surprise and delight moment especially for the younger kids, might we suggest using Jumbo’s floppy feet to leave powdered sugar footprints around your house—proof that the Easter Bunny came to visit!

Countless Ways to Play: Adopting a plush pet—especially a kid’s very first one—is a BIG deal, so it’s important to make sure you have the proper pretend pet accessories necessary to care for it. Luckily, Melissa & Doug offers a host of pretend play sets to make sure your plush animals get the proper care they need and deserve! Depending on the day’s play scenario, choose from one of these four pretend pet play sets: the Deluxe Pet Care Play Set, the Tote & Tour Pet Travel Play Set, the Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set, or the Feeding & Groom Pet Care Play Set

Skills at Play: Gross motor skills; social-emotional development; early language development; creative expression; empathy and compassion.

From their earliest days as infants, children can benefit from having a stuffed animal—also known as a plush toy, soft toys, stuffies, lovies, plushies, etc.—in their lives. It turns out that plush toys are a key factor in early childhood development from the earliest stages and beyond: Babies learn to self-soothe while playing with stuffed toys; toddlers use plush toys as a first friend, helping them to transition into key social-emotional development such as learning empathy and compassion; and school-aged kids rely on plushies to cope with negative emotions like anxiety. They may seem simple, but stuffed plush animals can be a friend for generations of play! 

The Buzz: "Love this bunny! Darling bunny. Price and quality were both great!" —Helen, in a 5-star online review

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