boy feeding ice cream toy to stuffed bunny boy feeding ice cream toy to stuffed bunny


Discover play sets with delightful details, on-the-go activities for road trips, screen-free fun, and open-ended play!

With Melissa & Doug you'll find the joy - and the toys - to last longer. So make it a season to nurture those tender young imaginations and watch them bloom this Spring and beyond!


yellow light bulb
It's Imaginative

Kids create the action in open-ended play and the possibilities are endless!

hands playing with blocks
It's Kid-Powered

It's the kind of play that doesn't come with a screen. It's not battery-powered. It's kid-powered.

drawing of puzzle pieces
It's Skill-Building

Creative thinking, problem solving, social-emotional skills - open-ended play helps develop them all.

drawing of party cone
It's Fun!

With open-ended play, anything goes. A broom is a rocket ship! A mop is a mic!