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Do you share our passion for play?

At Melissa & Doug, we strive to ignite imagination and wonder in all we do, whether it’s making our toys, creating our culture, or building our careers. Come play with us!



Before launching their namesake company, Melissa spent her free time in creative pursuits – writing stories and poems, making music and crafts.

When Doug wasn’t serving as class president and class clown, he was pursuing creative ways to woo someone like Melissa!

Luckily, they found one another, merged their playful personalities, and the rest is hisTOYry!

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Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing

A.K.A. The Mission Team

What We Do: Dream up new ways to tell our story and share our mission with parents, grandparents and educators who are as passionate about imagination and play as we are!

Our Idea of Fun: Coming up with play ideas and solutions

Office Antics:Getting in touch with our inner kids as we Take Back Childhood and make a little mischief!

Customer Care

Customer Care

A.K.A. Joy Generators

What We Do: With a philosophy that’s all about connecting with the personal touch, our team of playful pros does whatever it takes to resolve customers’ issues while making them feel uplifted in the process.

Our Idea of Fun: Tending to our stuffed animal friends

Office Antics:Visiting our hidden, secret candy stash, which we like to think helps make us even sweeter on the phone!



A.K.A. Team 1-2-3

What We Do: Crunching the numbers, analyzing the figures, balancing the books — these number lovers harness their brainpower to keep the business buzzing.

Our Idea of Fun: Counting toys and games

Office Antics: Having a little too much fun with the abacus toy in our showroom

Human Resources

Human Resources

A.K.A. Partners in Play

What We Do: Matching people to the right role, enticing them to come aboard, then taking care of them while they’re here as part of our family — the small, but mighty Partners in Play team helps make Melissa & Doug a great place to work.

Our Idea of Fun: Role playing

Office Antics: Organizing family picnics and free ice cream events

Operations & IT

Operations & IT

A.K.A. Problem Solvers

What We Do: Whether building systems and structures or figuring out the supply chain mechanics of getting products from here to there, or troubleshooting technical issues, this team is comprised of thinkers and doers.

Our Idea of Fun: Playing with vehicles and patterns

Office Antics: Reversing mouse buttons

Product Development

Product Development

A.K.A. Play Makers

What We Do: Conceptualize the products, then design, manufacture, and package them in a way sure to to create toys that ignite imaginations!

Our Idea of Fun: Hands-on arts & crafts; solving puzzles

Office Antics:Livening up the office with dazzling doodles and managing the Friday Dessert Club (i.e., eating up the leftovers)!

Quality & Engineering

Quality & Engineering

A.K.A. The Play Safe Team

What We Do: Engineering how our toys work, testing and re-testing them, and focusing the utmost attention to safety and compliance, this team pays attention to thousands of details to ensure the best and safest play experience possible!

Our Idea of Fun: Building blocks, of course!

Office Antics: None. We take our jobs very, very seriously . . . though our active testing on each product probably looks like antics to others!



A.K.A. Retailer Relations

What We Do: Building relationships, helping our retailers develop their businesses, and quickly solving problems are just a few of the ways we strive to make our toys available to kids everywhere.

Our Idea of Fun: Pretend play (and practicing closing the deal!)

Office Antics: Karaoke break!

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