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"The creative play goes on for hours. She is learning to listen to instruction, count, colors, flavors!"

Renee, Grandmother & Verified Buyer

Why Scoop & Serve?

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Develops Fine Motor & Language Skills
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Encourages Social Screen-Free Play
Realistic Flavors & Toppings Delight All Ages!

Speech Therapist Loved

Speech therapists use Scoop & Serve to engage children in pretend play, using longer sentences, and practice turn-taking skills.

Trusted by Pros & Parents Alike

Speech therapists love Scoop & Serve for its quality, visuals, and language-encouraging play opportunities.

Premium Wooden Construction

Scoop & Serve is well-crafted and timeless. It is meant to be passed down from generation to generation or shared family to family.

See It in Action!

Timeless Toys.
Endless Possibilities.

From classic wooden toys to realistic pretend play sets, Melissa & Doug products inspire creative thinking through screen-free, open-ended play. When kids play with Melissa & Doug toys, anything is possible!

What Is Open-Ended Play?

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It’s Imaginative

Kids create the action in open-ended play and the possibilities are endless!

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It’s Kid-Powered

It’s the kind of play that doesn’t come with a screen. It’s not battery-powered. It’s kid-powered.

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It’s Skill Building

Creative thinking, problem solving, social-emotional skills – open-ended play helps develop them all.

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It’s Fun!

With open-ended play, anything goes. A broom is a rocket ship! A mop is a mic!

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