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5 Dinosaur Activities & Printables for Kids of All Ages

2020-06-11 by Melissa & Doug
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Attention all dino-loving kids! Enjoy a variety of different activities with these 5 dinosaur printables, including a memory game, keepsakes, coloring, and spelling!

Now, let’s make prehistory with these fun dinosaur activities for kids of all ages.

1. Dinosaur Memory Game

Directions: Color in the dinosaur pictures, then cut out the cards. Mix them up, turn them over, and take turns playing memory!


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2. Dinosaur Keepsakes

Directions: Color in the dinosaur keepsakes and cut them out. Write your name on them or the name of someone you want to give them to!


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3. Prehistoric Playground

Directions: Color in the dinosaur scene, then tell a story about what is happening!


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4. ABCs and Dinosaurs: A & B

Directions: Color in the pictures and practice reading and writing the dinosaurs’ names!


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5. ABCs and Dinosaurs: C & D

Directions: Color in the pictures and practice reading and writing the dinosaurs’ names!


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Click here to print all 5 dinosaur printables at once!

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We hope these printables bring fun, learning, and independent play time to your days of being stuck at home. We will continue to provide activities that we think may help, but we would love to hear from you about what is working for you and your family during these difficult days. Share what you’re finding to be fun and effective ways to play by posting and using #PowerOfPlay!


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