Melissa & Doug Our 2023 STEAM Toys The Experts’ Stamp of Approval blog post 


Our 2023 STEAM Toys: The Experts' Stamp of Approval

May 25, 2023

When children play, their natural curiosity drives them to explore and dive into new experiences.

Adults are often in awe of how kids can freely dismantle things and put them back together, generate new ideas, and problem-solve all while having fun.

Melissa & Doug toys are designed to encourage these “a-ha” moments through play, and we’re excited to announce that several of our toys have been awarded the 2023 Toy Association’s official STEAM Stamp of Approval.

What Does STEAM Stand For?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math. To receive a STEAM rating, a toy has to meet extensive and rigorous requirements according to the Toy Association’s guidelines. It must also go through in-depth testing by Dr. Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

Melissa & Doug's STEAM Toys 2023

We’re proud that several of our toys have once again been recognized by the Toy Association for providing opportunities for kids to be creative, problem solve, and develop independence and self-confidence. Here is this year’s list of Melissa & Doug toys that have received the prestigious STEAM Stamp of Approval.

Melissa & Doug Stacking Train
Melissa & Doug Our 2023 STEAM Toys The Experts’ Stamp of Approval blog post 

All aboard for creative adventures with the Melissa & Doug Stacking Train toddler toy! Whether kids use the colorful wooden blocks in combination with their own toys, or explore their own complex builds, they’re engaged in multiple ways. Experts love the diversity of the toy in that it helps kids strengthen their fine motor and spatial skills while fostering creative play. Parents love how their toddlers play independently with the toy and engage in free exploration. As one parent remarked, “I enjoyed this toy because it was simple, but worked on so many skills at the same time. My son loved it and was keen to return to it frequently.” Ages: 2+

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Jumbo Cardboard Blocks
Melissa & Doug Our 2023 STEAM Toys The Experts’ Stamp of Approval blog post 

This 40-piece set of lightweight yet durable cardboard blocks helps build imaginations as little ones build castles, houses, towers, and more! The set includes three different sizes of pretend bricks with a wipe-clean surface that kids can freely stack, knock down, and build back up again. The toy encourages independent play and offers kids opportunities to show off their creations. One happy three year old exclaimed, “I made this castle by myself! Come look!” STEAM experts note that playing with the blocks often prompts kids to engage in dramatic play while working on important skills as they solve stacking challenges and initiate construction strategies. Ages: 2+

Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set

Melissa & Doug Our 2023 STEAM Toys The Experts’ Stamp of Approval blog post 

The 25-piece Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set features realistic-looking tools and activities for little doctors to help their patients feel better. Kids will love using the pretend medical tools on their family members, dolls, and stuffed animals while engaging in pretend play and storytelling. Experts on the accreditation panel agree that playing with the doctor’s kit can give kids an increased comfort level and understanding of the procedures they may encounter when going to the doctor’s office, and they may even want to take it with them for added comfort. As one four year old child stated at a recent doctor visit when she saw the tongue depressor in the doctor’s pocket, “Oh, I have the same one in my kit.” Ages: 3+

Melissa & Doug Standard Unit Blocks

Melissa & Doug Our 2023 STEAM Toys The Experts’ Stamp of Approval blog post This high-quality, solid wood building block set includes 60 blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes to inspire creativity and developmental learning fun. They’re ideal for building, balancing, incorporating with other toys, as well as practicing counting, sorting, and many other skills. The possibilities are endless! As one 4-year old noted, “I liked the wooden blocks because I could make anything I wanted.” The accreditation panel notes that “trial and error, learning problem solving and cause and effect principles are highly utilized while building with the blocks.” Parents also recognize how much fun their kids have playing with the blocks as they come back to the toy over and over again. Ages: 3+

Melissa & Doug Get Well Doctor Activity Center

Melissa & Doug Our 2023 STEAM Toys The Experts’ Stamp of Approval blog post This sturdy, multi-sided play space has everything kids need to role play visits to the doctor’s office. They’ll love playing with the interactive features and tools whether they’re pretending to be a doctor, nurse, patient, or office manager. Experts love the doctor play set because it promotes and supports many science and math principles in addition to being fun and engaging. It also helps support kids’ discomfort regarding doctor’s visits as they re-enact their experiences from being in the waiting room to adjusting the height scale and viewing realistic-looking x-rays. As one five-year old demonstrated, “See the clock and the wait time? I can check you in now.” Another child examining the pretend x-rays stated, “Are these real? They look real, see the bone?” Ages: 3+

Melissa & Doug Super Smile Dentist Play Set

Melissa & Doug Our 2023 STEAM Toys The Experts’ Stamp of Approval blog post This 25-piece Super Smile Dentist Play Set gives kids plenty of reasons to smile. It features durable, interactive tools including a set of pretend teeth, a vibrating tool with polishing and drill heads, realistic-looking mirror, floss, pick, and more. The STEAM accreditation panel gives this toy praise for providing opportunities for kids to fuse real-world experience with pretend and dramatic play. Not only does it familiarize little ones with anatomy, oral hygiene, and dental visits, it helps them advance social-emotional and problem-solving skills, language, and hand-eye coordination. Kids love it because it’s fun — whether they’re the dentist or the patient, or even the hygienist —  as this 4-year old expressed, “Ok, now for your cleaning. Do you want chocolate or bubble gum tooth polish?” Ages: 3+

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