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5 Free Printables for Under the Sea Drawing & Coloring Fun

2020-05-14 by Melissa & Doug
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Color and learn to draw sea creatures with these 5 fun printables for kids! Enjoy a circle challenge, learning to draw fish and other sea creatures, and getting creative with different under the sea scenes.

Coloring reduces stress and helps concentration and hand-eye coordination!

Our 5 free printables this week were created using artwork from our Under the Sea Playmat, one of our most fun coloring books and activity pads.

Now, let’s get creative with these 5 activity sheets for drawing and coloring fun.

1. Create & Color the Octopus

Directions: Add some details and colors to this friendly octopus!


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2. Complete the Fish Bowl Picture

Directions: There’s something in the fish bowl but it’s not a fish! Draw what it could be!


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3. Color-In ABCs: Ocean Animals

Directions: Find and color the sea creature from every letter A to Z!


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4. Circle Challenge: Ocean

Directions: How many ocean animals can you create out of a circle?


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5. Create & Color: Fishy Tails

Directions: Add details and colors to finish these fish any way you like!


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Click here to print all 10 coloring printables at once!

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We hope these printables bring fun, learning, and independent play time to your days of being stuck at home. We will continue to provide activities that we think may help, but we would love to hear from you about what is working for you and your family during these difficult days. Share what you’re finding to be fun and effective ways to play by posting and using #PowerOfPlay!


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