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Bubble Painting

2015-03-28 by Sara Zenner
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This awesome bubble painting craft idea was brought to us by our guest blogger Sara of Bitz & Giggles.

Bubble Painting

The sun has returned, the flowers are blooming, and that calls for some outdoor fun! The kids AND our dog, Belle, are ecstatic to be able to spend the majority of their time outside again. Around our house the first signs of spring are an invitation to dust off the bikes, refresh the sandbox and break out, well. . .the BUBBLES!!

My kids ADORE bubbles. In fact, ALL of the neighborhood kids adore bubbles. It’s funny because every time we bring out the bubbles, our driveway fills up in no time, with bikes, kids and lots of laughter. Heck, I think I have as much fun as the kids, and it’s a great activity to do together!

Bubble Painting

We blow big bubbles, we blow small bubbles, we blow bubbles for the dog and we just have a ton of bubble fun! Some of our favorite bubble toys are these bubble blowers from Melissa & Doug. Awesome!


Just look at all of the bubbles these little blowers can create! We had so much fun just playing around with the bubbles blowers, that the next day we decided to try our hand at some bubble ART using the blowers.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as nice as the day before. So, we traded in our shorts for pants, threw on some sweatshirts and headed outside. Low and behold, one of our friends from down the street was riding by and wanted in on the fun, too! 😉

Here’s what you’re going to need for some bubble painting fun:


  • Bubble solution (we used the solution that came with our blowers)
  • Food coloring (we used four different colors)
  • Disposable cups or small dishes that won’t stain from the food coloring (one for each color)
  • Spoons (for stirring the color bubble mixture)
  • Sheets of white card stock or thicker paper (one for each child)
  • Bubble blowers and wands (we used these and these)
  • Artist smocks (optional, but recommended)

Note: We found that the food coloring didn’t stain our skin, the blowers or the dishes. It is recommended that the kids protect their clothing when doing this project, however. The project works best performed outside on a calm (not windy) day.

Bubble Painting

Begin by mixing some of the bubble solution with food coloring. We filled our dishes about 1/4 full and added about 8-10 drops of food coloring per bowl. The kids started their art by dipping the blowers into the bubble solution and blowing the bubbles onto their paper.

Bubble Painting

We had some dripping from the blowers and wands when moving them from the bowl to the paper, but we thought the drips just added to the art!

Bubble Painting

Next, the kids took the blowers and blew into the cups to create mounds of bubbles. Then, they grabbed their sheets of card stock and placed them on top of the color or colors they wanted to apply to their sheets. After each sheet was applied, we blew more air through the blowers to make more bubbles and continued our art!

We allowed the sheets to dry overnight and ended up with some pretty awesome and colorful art!

Bubble Painting

Pretty neat, right? We thought so and we can’t wait to do it again. We’re thinking about trying it on a larger canvas and then using it as wall art in the kids’ rooms! For now, we’ve framed the smaller pieces and have them displayed proudly in the kitchen.

What kinds of activities will you do with your family this summer? I hope you make bubble painting one of them!


Bubble Painting

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Blossom Bright Bubble Trumpet Whistle

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Mombo Snake Bubbles

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Bubble Painting


Sara Zenner

Sara Zenner of Bitz & Giggles — Sara finds creative ways to balance a full-time work schedule with being a full-time mom. She enjoys experimenting with recipes and sharing dinner tips with fellow parents! Join Sara for fun recipes and teaching moments that can be captured right in the kitchen! Connect with Sara online → Pinterest | Google+ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Blog

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