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New PAW Patrol™ and Blue’s Clues & You! Toys Kids Will Love

2021-06-29 by Melissa & Doug
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Melissa & Doug, Paw Patrol and Blue's Clues & You! Are here


Big news today! We’re thrilled to launch exciting new PAW Patrol and Blue’s Clues & You! toys for kids. Children who know and love these characters on-screen now have a hands-on way to interact with them off-screen, whether it’s going on rescue missions with Chase or searching for clues with Blue.

Quality Toys You Trust with PAW Patrol and Blue’s Clues & You! Characters Kids Love!

Melissa & Doug and Nickelodeon, both champions of children’s development, are teaming up to reach more families with a message about the benefits of hands-on, open-ended play. If a child’s love for Marshall or Blue is what introduces them to the joys of imaginative, tangible, unstructured play, that’s a win!

“Our vision is to offer products that not only entertain, but engage and educate children, in a way that helps them develop essential life skills,” said Bridgette Miller, Global Head of Marketing of Melissa & Doug. “The characters of PAW Patrol and Blue’s Clues & You! featured in our toys will inspire children to create their own storylines while engaging in hands-on, skill-building play.”

The new line of PAW Patrol and Blue’s Clues & You! toys includes products that promote pretend play, arts & crafts, puzzles, activity pads, and more!

“We are excited to be working with a brand like Melissa & Doug, which is known for its dedication to creating high quality toys that support children’s development. Collaborating with them to create educational toys based on the beloved PAW Patrol and Blue’s Clues & You! characters and themes gives kids around the world a new way to learn through open-ended play featuring their favorite preschool friends,” said Dion Vlachos, Executive Vice President, Hardlines and Retail, ViacomCBS.

New PAW Patrol Toys Featuring Marshall, Chase, Skye & Rubble

New PAW Patrol Toys Featuring Marshall, Chase, Skye & Rubble

PAW Patrol Marshall’s Wooden Rescue Caddy 
Age: 3+
Why Kids Will Love It: Kids race to the rescue with the take-along wooden caddy shaped like Marshall’s PAW Patrol™ rescue truck and filled with first aid essentials.
Sweet Details: Includes a play thermometer, ointment tube, bandages, an otoscope, scissors, tweezers, and a syringe. There’s even an x-ray that clips to the side of the caddy!

PAW Patrol™ Wooden Stamps Activity Set

PAW Patrol Wooden Stamps Activity Set 
Age: 4+
Why Kids Will Love It: Kids can create countless PAW Patrol™ adventures with this 25-piece wooden stamp set with activity pad and markers.
Sweet Details: There’s a 12-page activity pad and everything stores away neatly in a sturdy wooden tray.

PAW Patrol™ Restickable Puffy Stickers - Adventure Bay

PAW PatrolRestickable Puffy Stickers – Adventure Bay 
Age: 4+
Why Kids Will Love It: Just place and layer the Adventure Bay puffy stickers onto the glossy fold-out scenes. Ready for a story change? It’s easy to lift, switch, and rearrange it all to depict whatever pup-filled tale a child can imagine!
Sweet Details: Compact, spiral-bound format and built-in sticker storage makes it a great travel toy and activity for when you’re on the go! These sticker books, as well as the PAW Patrol Water Wow! activity pads, are perfect for birthday party favors!

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New Blue’s Clues & You! Toys Featuring Blue, Magenta & Friends

Blue’s Clue’s & You! Water Wow! Activity Mat

Blue’s Clues & You! Water Wow! Activity Mat
Age: 3+
Why Kids Will Love It: Kids can reveal pictures with water on the Blue’s Clues & You! fold-out Water WOW! mat with attached storage pouch, let dry, then color again.
Sweet Details: Includes a rolling stamper to make paw prints! Plus, the fold-and-go mat has two attached handles, making it a great travel toy.

Blue’s Clue’s & You! Blue’s House Play Tent

Blue’s Clues & You! Blue’s House Play Tent 
Age: 3+
Why Kids Will Love It: It’s a cozy little spot to set up house and let imaginations grow. The easy-to-assembly fabric play space stands approximately 4 feet tall, allowing multiple kids room to create their own Blue’s Clues & You! adventures!
Sweet Details: The front door flap rolls up, and the mailbox flap opens and closes to reveal a mail slot for the included postcard.

Blue’s Clue’s & You! Hand & Finger Puppets

Blue’s Clues & You! Hand & Finger Puppets 
Age: 3+
Why Kids Will Love It: Make connections, tell stories, and build vocabulary and dexterity while playing along with Blue, Magenta, Josh, Mr. Salt, and Mrs. Pepper from Blue’s Clues & You!
Sweet Details: Sized to fit kids and most adults; washable fabric

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10 Free PAW Patrol and Blue’s Clues & You! Printables

Are you planning a PAW Patrol party or a Blue’s Clues & You! party and need some fun activities or birthday party favors? Or are you just looking for some easy rainy day activities? Download these free print-and-play printables to keep kids engaged, entertained, and tapping into their colorful creativity!

10 Free PAW Patrol and Blue's Clues & You! Printables

About PAW Patrol

No job is too big, no pup is too small! PAW Patrol is a CG, action-adventure preschool series starring a pack of six heroic puppies led by a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy named Ryder. With a  unique blend of problem-solving skills, cool vehicles, and physical humor, the PAW Patrol works together on high-stakes rescue missions to protect the Adventure Bay community. From Marshall the firedog to Chase the police pup to Skye who flies high in her copter, each pup brings a unique personality and skill to the team, modeling the importance of teamwork  and good citizenship. 

About Blue’s Clues & You!

This play-along preschool series stars Blue, a preschool-aged puppy with a clue . . .  three, actually. Each day, to communicate what she wants to do, Blue leaves paw prints on three objects around her house. Blue’s excited caregiver and friend, Josh, asks for the viewer’s help to find the  clues, and as each one is found, he draws it in his Handy Dandy Notebook. Then he sits down in the Thinking Chair to figure out the solution to Blue’s  Clues. But he can only do that with the viewer’s help!  Along the way, kids play interactive learning games with Blue and her household friends: best friend Magenta, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper, Tickety Tock, Mailbox, and more!

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