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10 Tips for a Memorable Family Talent Show

2013-09-26 by Zina Harrington
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These Talent Show tips are brought to you by Melissa & Doug, written by our Blog Ambassador Zina Harrington.

Make everyday activities an adventure!  — Zina



GIGGLES GALORE by prepping for and hosting a Talent Show!

Below are 10 simple tips for making your Family Talent Show a memorable event for all involved:

1. Pick a talent to showcase. Encourage your child to explore their different talents. Music, magic, and dance are always a great choice for an act. Science experiments and storytelling make for entertaining performances, too. Children learn by example, so consider participating and showcasing YOUR unique talents as well: Can you make shadow puppets? Juggle? Do sports tricks? Speak a foreign language? Sing the alphabet backward? What would your child be surprised to learn that you know how to do?

10 Tips for a Memorable Family Talent Show

2. Consider your audience. Do you want to involve neighborhood kids? Do you want to perform for a special family member at the end of a workday? Or do you want to get more imaginative? HINT: Butter-soft fleece Beeposh Stuffed Animals are known to be good listeners, very light eaters (despite having the word “stuffed” right in their name), and they’ll brighten any room with their colorful patterns.

10 Tips for a Memorable Family Talent Show

3. Schedule the performance. Decide when you want to host your Family Talent Show. If you’ve got little kids, something as simple as “after lunch” is a great timeline. Then kids know how long they have to get everything ready. If your children are older, consider picking a day later in the week (or month) to allow enough time to practice and polish their act and to build up some excitement for the big event.

4. Create a practice schedule. Practice builds confidence. Have your child do their routine at least three times to ensure they feel comfortable in the limelight. You don’t want them to tire of their act, but you do want to teach them that to be a performer means mastering their craft (and a bit of showmanship).

Additional Parent Resources:

5. Create an “official” program for the event. Grab some paper, crayons, and paint. Fold a piece of paper in half and write “Family Talent Show” and the date on the front cover and the names of the performers inside, along with the talent each will be performing. (If you have a long list of performers and/or multiple talents for each person, do this piece on your computer and print out several copies for children to glue or tape inside.) Then have your child decorate the rest of program with crayons or paint. The day of the event, let your child hand out the programs like an usher as spectators enter, or they can simply place one program on each audience member’s chair before the show begins. (BONUS: Afterward, you’ll have an adorable handmade keepsake of this special event!)

10 Tips for a Memorable Family Talent Show

6.  Review proper audience manners. Before the performance, cover some common courtesies with your child. Discuss the importance of being a good listener and paying attention when a friend or family member is taking their turn performing. Practicing cheering for each other is another great way to show support and teach appropriate sportsmanship beforehand Kids delight in practicing this exuberant task. Remind them it makes performers feel extra proud when audience members clap and cheer LOUDLY after a performance.

7. Create a Welcome sign. Use a chalkboard or dry-erase board to create a Welcome sign for your guests. If your children are old enough to write the sign for themselves, have them complete the project solo. Otherwise, have your child decorate all around a brief welcoming note you’ve written for them.

10 Tips for a Memorable Family Talent Show

8. Decorate! Paper chains are a MUST for every Talent Show we have at our house. They set the stage for a special event and are a great way for our daughters to practice fine motor skills. If age appropriate, have your child cut strips of construction paper. Use tape or glue sticks to create intertwined loops. We also had fun putting star-shaped sticky notes up all over the house. (You could even put a star with each performer’s name on it on a “dressing room” door the day of the show, for added fun!)

9. Get the party started! The triangle from the Band-in-a-Box set is an awesome way to signal the start of the show.

10. Include an Intermission with a snack break. Isn’t this true of all successful activities for kids? Let everyone stand up and stretch, comment on what they’ve seen, make costume changes, and grab a quick drink or bite. Just be sure your kids have healthy snacks on hand to fuel them through the second half of the show and keep their moods and tummies happy.

Find two of our favorite family-friendly recipes from Melissa & Doug Blog Ambassador Tiffany Dahle below:

Short on snack-prep time? Children will also enjoy serving up classic felt and wooden hors d’oeuvres during your Intermission break. After 5–10 minutes, ring the triangle again and dim or flash the lights to signal audience members to return to their seats.

Additional Fun with Food Resources:

There you have it . . . a recipe for Talent Show success!

If your family hosts a Talent Show and takes pictures, be sure to tag me and Melissa & Doug on Instagram so we can see your little one in action.

Break a leg,

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10 Tips for a Memorable Family Talent Show


Zina Harrington

Zina is the author of Let’s Lasso the Moon and Becoming UnBusy, where she inspires parents and children to interact creatively and enjoy the beauty of everyday moments. Facebook | Pinterest | Blog | Instagram

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