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2016-05-04 by Melissa & Doug
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Four Foolproof Ideas for the Best Mother’s Day Ever…

Yes, Mother’s Day activities are supposed to be all about us moms. Put up our feet, relax, and don’t lift a finger, right? However, we all know sometimes the reality can be, um, well, a little different. Of course, our kids have good intentions. The best, in fact. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t do our mom thing and make it all turn out just a tad better with some preemptive planning. Here, we take a look at some common Mother’s Day activities and offer up our easy suggestions to ensure a fabulous experience for both you and your child.


Good Intention #1: Breakfast in bed
The Reality: Crumbs, spills, dirty dishes waiting downstairs for you
Our Suggestion: Pretend breakfast in bed!

It’s all the pampering, none of the mess! Hot waffles prepared to order by your junior chef. A warm cup of coffee just the way you take it with milk and sugar. You can even follow it up with a spot o’ tea, because, hey, the caffeine is pretend, too! Breakfast in bed has never been such a treat!

Mother's Day Activities Good Intention

Making the waffles!

Mother's Day Activities Good Intention

Brewing the coffee!

Mother's Day Activities Good Intention

Serving it all with a smile!


Good Intention #2: “Let’s buy something fancy for Mom!”
The Reality: Their allowance only goes so far
Our Suggestion: A handmade gift from the heart

Statement necklaces are all the rage, and this one sweetly says, “I love you, Mom!” Look how pretty! And she did it herself with the Bead Bouquet Deluxe Wooden Bead Set.

Mother's Day Activities Good Intention

Kids can play with patterns as they design necklaces (or bracelets).

Mother's Day Activities Good Intention

She’ll wear it with love!


Good Intention #3: “Let’s make a picture frame for Mom!”
The Reality: “Mom, where’s the macaroni? The glue? The glitter? We’re out of paint! Can you take me to the craft store? Why? Um, it’s a surprise!”
Our Suggestion: A kid-friendly DIY frame that comes with everything needed to make a gift you’ll be proud to display

Some sparkling gems, a little glitter glue, a few shimmering stickers – and voila! – this wooden picture frame is fit for the family photo display in the foyer! We love that the kit is “all-inclusive” when it comes to supplies – no craft store trips required!

Mother's Day Activities Good Intention

Everything a kid needs to make the perfect handmade gift!

Mother's Day Activities Good Intention

He’s proud! She’s proud! It’s a win-win Mother’s Day activity!


Good Intention #4: “Let’s make a complicated craft that requires quite a bit of artistic skill.”
The Reality: Tears when the completed project looks nothing like the picture on the box
Our Solution: The Decorate-Your-Own line, partially completed and ready for adornment!

The trick to avoiding craft-related meltdowns is to meet kids where they’re at, skill-wise. The Decorate-Your-Own Wooden Jewelry Box looks almost finished out of the package, but lets kids add their own creative touches and delight in the final result. It’s a no-stress Mother’s Day activity that serves up a lot of wow!

Mother's Day Activities Good Intention

Watch your kid’s confidence grow as they complete spectacular-looking crafts!

Mother's Day Activities Good Intention

A beautiful keepsake box for future handmade gifts from the heart!

Here’s to a happy and relaxing Mother’s Day for all!


Melissa & Doug

Our team of play experts occasionally enjoys sharing news about our company, new product launches, and some of the #CountlessWaysToPlay with our toys, crafts, and games. At Melissa & Doug, we’re on a mission to inspire the innovators of tomorrow through kid-powered play!

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