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FREE May Printables & Activities for Kids

April 26, 2024

Inspire Kids to Cultivate their Creativity with FREE May Printables!

Now that the calendar has flipped to May, there are so many fun milestones to commemorate with your kids this month. If creative learning fun gets your kids excited for play time, let Melissa & Doug help out with a host of timely FREE Printable activities for kids with fun, engaging themes for May.

The big one of course is Mother's Day on Sunday, May 12, but there's also National Astronaut Day (May 5), Teacher Appreciation Week and Screen-Free Week (May 6-10), before we reach Memorial Day on Sunday, May 27, a day to remember service members no longer with us, and the unofficial start to the summer season. 

The weather this time of year can also be unexpected; depending on where you live around the country, you could experience all four seasons in one day! Don't let cloudy skies or showers bring down your little sprouts--have free Melissa & Doug printable activities handy for weather delays, car trips, errands, doctor visits, and more. Get your kids outside as much as you can, encourage them to play and have fun, and stay creative and engaged with them all year long with help from Melissa & Doug.

Get Your National Astronaut Day Printables Activity

Get Your Screen-Free Week Printables Activity

Get Your Teacher Appreciation Week Printables Activity

Get Your Mother's Day Printables Activity

Get Your Memorial Day Printables Activity


• National Astronaut Day (May 5)

Get this printable >>>


• Mother's Day (May 12)

Get these printables >>>


• Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6-10) 

Get these printables >>>


• Screen-Free Week (May 6-10) 

Get this printable >>>


• Memorial Day (May 27) 

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