Planting Trees in Oregon with One Tree Planted


Long Lasting Toys for Longer Lasting Forests

April 16, 2024

Why you can feel good shopping Melissa & Doug

Why You Can Feel Good Shopping Melissa & Doug

At Melissa & Doug, we like to use wood whenever we can because it’s both natural and renewable. In fact, our first hit toy was a wooden puzzle! We want a world where children have access to both high-quality wooden toys and thriving forests. That’s why we’ve committed to planting 10 million trees by 2030. With the help of One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization focused on global reforestation, we’re supporting planting projects around the world. From wildfire restoration in Oregon to planting fruit trees to fight hunger in India, these projects are benefitting both the environment and the local communities. Here’s a closer look at three projects that our contributions are helping support:

Wildfire Restoration in Oregon

Planting trees with One Tree Planted

Location: Western Oregon

Project: Reforesting lands that were burnt during the devastating fires of September 2020, affecting hundreds of thousands of acres in western Oregon.

Ecological Benefits: 

  • Re-establishment of native forests
  • Plantings near rivers to benefit fisheries and watersheds
  • Helping wildlife recovery, such as Spotted Owl nests

Community Benefits:

  • Employment opportunities with initial reforestation and continued maintenance
  • Restoring recreation areas
Fighting Hunger in India with Fruit Trees

One Tree Planted - Planting Trees in India

Location India

Project: Planting and nurturing 2.5 million fruit trees with smallholder farmers in marginalized communities to create sustainable livelihoods and provide food to families. (“Smallholder farms” are small-scale farms typically cultivated by a single family)

Ecological Benefits

  • Fighting pollution
  • Conserving water
  • Preventing soil erosion

Community Benefits:

  • Generating additional incomes for families
  • Reducing hunger and malnutrition
  • Improving gender equality by employing local women in nurseries


Recovering Forests in Peru

Planting Trees in Peru with One Tree Planted

Planting Trees in Peru with One Tree Planted - Helping Community


Location: Puerta Inca, Peru

Project: Recovering soils and forests in the deforested lands of Santa Isabel; planting half the area with native species for biodiversity and half with native cocoa

Ecological Benefits:

  • Reforestation of 120 hectares of land
  • Better balancing biodiversity and ecosystem, conserving macro and microfauna in soil, as well as CO2
  • Creating ecological corridors of wild fauna that are scarce

    Community Benefits:

    • Jobs for 100 families in the region
    • Environmental training workshops for women and young people 
    • Income generation via cocoa cultivation

    Here’s an interesting video from One Tree Planted on how trees grow that you may want to share with your kids:

    Source: One Tree Planted 

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