Career Day for Kids: Exploring Occupations through Play

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Career Day for Kids: Exploring Occupations through Play

March 07, 2023

It's Career Day for Kids, with great ways to explore occupations!

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" That’s a question all children seem to hear. Think about all of the exciting adult careers you wanted to have, as a child! You may have even followed your childhood dreams and be working in the career you hoped to have in those magical days of make-believe. Children today still dream of being a “grown up” and doing incredible things.

At Melissa & Doug, we celebrate a child’s desire to achieve, so we’re presenting a “Career Day for Kids” with play-centered ideas for exploring occupations. Because pretend play can help develop creativity and confidence, we encourage creative play, every day! To make role play a consistent part of make-believe, we’ve designed and constructed our costumes to last. With machine washable jackets, carefully crafted accessories, our costumes are meant to be worn and enjoyed for years—at about the same price as throw-away costumes that barely last one day!

Best Role Play and Dress-Up Career Costumes for Kids


Little foodies will love this chef’s costume. The washable hat and jacket make this set ideal for food play, and for helping out the “big” foodies in the kitchen. With the included wooden utensils, set of measuring spoons and quilted kitchen mitt, these little helpers have just the right recipe to develop a passion for cooking. Introduce your tiniest foodies to the world of cooking, too, with a fabulous play kitchen

Melissa & Doug Chef Role Play Costume

Fire Chief

Make sure your aspiring fire chief is wearing a badge and is fully equipped for emergencies in the world of make-believe. Our durable role play set features a bright red jacket trimmed with reflective material, a red helmet with “fire chief” on the front, a pretend fire extinguisher and a toy bullhorn with sound effects. Take the firefighting work on the road in a wooden fire truck play set, with a lifting bucket-ladder, roll up hose and 3 wooden firefighter figures. The only way to make this fire chief’s career day even better is with a fire truck play tent. The adventures would be endless!

Melissa & Doug Fire Chief Role Play Costume Set


The doctor will see you now! This doctor role play outfit has everything an aspiring doctor needs to check up on their patients and fix their boo-boos. It includes a white coat, mask, thermometer, reflex hammer, ear scope, syringe, stethoscope with sound effects, and a reusable name tag so kids can personalize their outfit. The high-quality fabrics and solid construction ensure durability so your kids can wear it over and over again. If your child is serious about going into medicine, consider pairing the role play outfit with Get Well Doctor Activity Center, a perfect play centerpiece for any pretend adventure.

Melissa & Doug Career Day for Kids Exploring Occupations Through Play blog post

Construction Worker

Work zone ahead! This construction worker role play set has everything your aspiring construction worker needs to be ready for the big construction job: a bright orange vest highlighted with reflective material and a tool belt, a yellow hard hat, "safety" goggles, a hammer, a saw, and a name tag so kids can personalize their outfit. The high-quality fabrics and solid construction ensure durability so your kids can wear it over and over again! If kids want to go to work, make sure there's a construction project for them, such as Melissa & Doug's Construction Building Set in a Box.

Melissa & Doug Career Day for Kids Exploring Occupations Through Play Blog Post


The care of all the toy "pets" in the house will be in capable hands when your little animal doctor is suited up in a machine-washable blue jacket, mask and surgical cap. The set includes a stethoscope with sound effects, syringe, thermometer, mask, cap, bandage, reusable veterinarian name tag and a little plush puppy patient to "doctor" and love. If your little vet wants to expand their practice to work on more exotic animals, Melissa & Doug has a wide range of exotic plush fauna to choose from: a giant giraffe, a giant lion, a giant tiger—we've even got giant dinosaurs like this T-Rex, too! 

Melissa & Doug career day for kids exploring occupations through play blog post


10…9…8…7… be part of the countdown to creative play, with a little girl or boy who wants to become an astronaut! Our sturdy, step-in jumpsuit is made to survive exciting missions, with silvery, stretchy gloves and a helmet that slip on and off those brave space travelers. Your adventurer can study planets and map out explorations with our space themed floor puzzle

Melissa & Doug Astronaut Role Play Set

Police Officer

What are some ways a police officer serves a community? Kids may have a lot of ideas about this, and our top quality role play set is made to help a child explore some of the important duties that police have. Children can pretend to direct traffic around town with the included whistle, send and receive make-believe calls using the sound-effects walkie-talkie, and use the hand-held ticket to remind people about obeying laws. Your young officer might like a trustworthy partner on the job, like our police officer hand puppet, or could use vehicles stamps to make thank you cards for your local police department.

Melissa & Doug Police Officer Role Play Set

Pediatric Nurse

If career day makes your little one think of joining the medical profession, then being a pediatric nurse might just be the right prescription for playtime! This role play set features a comfortable uniform jacket with pockets, a soft baby doll, toy stethoscope, ear scope, thermometer, and syringe. The smiling toy baby wears a removable cloth diaper with self-stick closures, so it’s easy for little hands to change. 

 Melissa & Doug Pediatric Nurse Role Play Costume Set

Hair Stylist

Keeping in style is more fun than ever, with our hair stylist role play set. Clients will be impressed by the coordinating smock, comb, brush and mirror. Plus, our non-cutting scissors and the battery-powered, toy hair dryer (that sounds like the real thing) will keep them coming back for more! Your confident little stylist will probably want to keep those beloved stuffed animal friends well groomed, too. Would you like to schedule an appointment?

Melissa & Doug Hair Stylist Role Play Set


Welcome aboard! Your captain today will be using a realistic steering yoke and wearing a handsome uniform that’s easy for girls and boys to put on and remove – with a decorative jacket and attached shirt, plus a stick-on tie. We’re sure you’ll also admire those pilot’s wings and the hat! A reusable pre-flight check list is included. These pilots in training can also practice their airline duties and flying skills with a sturdy wooden airplane play set. 

Melissa & Doug Pilot Role Play Set


Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be amazed by your own little magician! Turn your gaze to the dazzling red vest and bow tie, sparkling black cape, magic wand and silky top hat. Pull the  rabbit out of the hat! Do card tricks. Make a coin disappear (ssshhh – using a secret pocket). Includes accessories and instructions.

 Melissa & Doug Magician Costume Set


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