Melissa & Doug Made to Re-Love Give the Gift of Timeless Toys blog post


Made to Re-Love: Give the Gift of Timeless Toys

January 26, 2024

With the holidays behind us and a fresh new year ahead, it's the perfect time to clean out the toy box and consider passing along any Melissa & Doug toys your kids have outgrown.

We believe our timeless toys are "Made to Re-Love," well-designed and constructed of such sturdy materials that they’ll often last long enough to be passed on to multiple siblings, friends, and even the next generation.

We create our toys with care to be durable in the hopes they will never fill a landfill. It's all part of our commitment to sustainability.

Perhaps you need to de-clutter the playroom to make space for the gifts your kids got over the holidays. Maybe your kids have just aged past their interest in a particular toy. Or you just want to give a hand-me-up toy to a baby, toddler, or preschooler who could use one. No matter the reason, you can use our Made to Re-Love gift tags to pass on the play!

Print out the FREE Made to Re-Love gift tags below, custom decorate them to your heart’s desire, and use them to present your loved and re-loved Melissa & Doug toy to a lucky new recipient. You can even come up with some creative ways to share your gift. Check out our inspirational ideas on that below! 


Melissa & Doug Made to Re-Love Give the Gift of Timeless Toys blog post

Melissa & Doug Made to Re-Love Give the Gift of Timeless Toys blog post

Creative ways to re-gift Melissa & Doug toys

Spell out your intentions

Let’s say the Melissa & Doug toys you want to pass on include wooden alphabet stamps, magnetic letters, or an easel. Use the toys themselves to deliver your Made to Re-Love message for the recipient—use the wood stamps or magnetic letters to write what you want, or pen it directly on the easel as a fun, creative way to pass on the play.

Melissa & Doug Made to Re-Love Give the Gift of Timeless Toys blog post

Gamify it

Turn your Made to Re-Love gifting into a fun, engaging, and interactive adventure! Hide the gift and provide a treasure map to lead the owner to find it. Or stash the components of the toy in several locations and send them on a scavenger hunt. 

Make it a playdate

Invite your Made to Re-Love gift recipient over for a playdate and do an in-person hand-off. This playdate gives your kiddo one last chance to play with an old favorite before handing it off to the lucky new benefactor. 

Surprise them with IRL fun

If you’re passing on a big item such as a play kitchen, invite your Made to Re-Love guest over for an easy brunch or luncheon. Or invite them out for a slice of pizza, or a scoop of ice cream, if you’re passing on a themed pretend play item.

Melissa & Doug Made to Re-Love Give the Gift of Timeless Toys blog post

Pull a positive porch prank

During the pandemic, the “Boo You!” porch pranks for Halloween became popular: Leave a bag of seasonal treats on a friend’s porch, ring the doorbell, then run away and hide to watch their reaction. Give your Made to Re-Love gift a spin on the porch prank: You could be a Give-Back Benefactor, aka a Porch Patron, aka a Philanthropist of Fun, and leave your Made to Re-Love item right on the front stoop. Ring the bell, get out of sight with your camera ready, and capture the moment of joy on their face when you pass on the play!

However you decide to pass along your Made to Re-Love gift, capture the moment, share it on social media, and tag Melissa & Doug so we can see how our timeless toys are delivering joy and endless possibilities to all-new owners!  

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