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Why Babies Love Mirror Toys

March 12, 2023

As any parent knows, babies just LOVE to see themselves in their mirror toys. What could be more interesting and relatable to babies than another baby reflected back at them—who looks, feels, and moves just as they do?

Sure, babies are attracted to mirrors because they are shiny and bright.
But mirrors are so much more, too!

The joy babies get by spotting their own reflection in a mirror also helps:

  • Increase their ability to focus
  • Begin to develop social skills
  • Foster their curiosity
  • Enhance their cognitive development (by introducing the concept of object permanence)
  • Strengthen their bodies (by having little ones lift their heads or use their torso and arm muscles to look in a mirror)
Melissa & Doug Tips for Mirror Toys

Our delightful Musical Farmyard Cube is topped with a toddler-tough mirror surrounded by crinkly petals. Four lovable animals cover the cube’s sides, and make animal sounds when baby presses each nose. With durable teether tabs and a soft carry handle, this multi-function play cube is ready to go nearly anywhere with your bundle of joy!

Melissa & Doug Musical Farmyard Cube Learning Toy

There's always a smiling face looking back from the First Play Wooden Touch & Feel Puzzle Peek-a-Boo Pets mirrored chunky puzzle! Stimulate the senses with four furry, textured animal friends (a kitten, puppy, bunny, and bird) that stand up for pretend play or fit into the sturdy wooden puzzle board, surrounding a child-safe mirror. Babies and toddlers will delight in discovering colors and patterns while developing fine motor skills!

Melissa & Doug First Play Wooden Touch and Feel Puzzle Peek-a-Boo Pets With Mirror

Step right up and turn any day into Fair Day! The Melissa & Doug Fun at the Fair! Funhouse Mirror lets create their own double-sided tabletop version of a classic carnival house of mirrors. Start playing by inserting the secret-reveal player card ticket in the base. Turn the knobs to ripple the mirror for distorted reflections. Add to the fun by choosing from 21 reusable stickers to make silly faces on the mirror. Designed to amuse, surprise, and challenge kids to keep them laughing and learning through play, the Funhouse Mirror is an engaging, hands-on way to encourage fine motor and storytelling skills. 

Melissa & Doug Fun at the Fair Funhouse Mirror


Box up and unbox fun multi-textured gifts that delight the senses again and again with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Surprise Gift Box! Fill the cloth-covered wooden box with an adorable happy-faced bear, a crinkling, multi-textured cloth, a squeezable ball with chime, or a cloth book. Close the flaps and it becomes a beautifully “wrapped” gift with a beautiful bow! Reach in and grasp the items to unbox, and babies will discover their smiling face in the peek-a-boo mirror on the bottom. The Surprise Gift Box is an engaging way to encourage face-relevant stimuli and to help infants develop important sensory, and fine motor skills. It’s also a fun way to encourage gift-giving and sharing!

Melissa & Doug Wooden Surprise Gift Box

It’s never been so much fun for one-year-olds to “get to work” on developmental skills with the Melissa & Doug Wooden Work & Play Desktop Activity Board! Infants and toddlers will love playing with this wooden version of a laptop and desk just like grown-ups do! Open the screen to reveal a peekaboo mirror to tap into babies’ fascination with faces. Rubberized keyboard buttons are fun to press and help kids develop fine motor skills and shape recognition. Spin the rolling contact list to hear the beads inside tumble. Turn the wooden pencil and slide the adorable mouse-shaped mouse in its track! Flip the top of the attached mug to choose hot chocolate or juice artwork. With a built-in carrying handle and no loose pieces, the sturdy wooden activity board is great for travel and families on the go.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Work & Play Desktop Activity Board

This cuddly Flip Fish Baby Toy will swim right into kids' hearts! With bright colors, bold facial features, and washable fabrics that include a variety of patterns and hidden pictures, this crinkling, squeaking, multi-textured soft toy from Melissa & Doug is perfect for encouraging tummy time and fueling storytelling.

Melissa & Doug Flip Fish Baby Toy

This precious Giddy Up & Play Activity Pony Toy has rattles, textured tabs, crinkle fabric, and fringe to capture babies' attention, and plays trotting and neighing sounds when kids squeeze its ear. It's huggably soft and packed with whimsical details to engage the senses and nurture growing skills. A non-slip bottom prevents slipping and sliding.

Melissa & Doug Giddy Up & Play Activity Toy

In response to us asking, “Why do babies like mirrors?” one mom commented:

“I think it’s built in.
Even very young babies are attracted to faces.
Looking in a mirror is fascinating because babies see an adorable face
that seems to react to them.”