Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow Creative play ideas for kids blog post

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Sticker WOW! Creative Play Ideas for Kids

January 10, 2024

Just in time for National Sticker Day (January 13), Melissa & Doug’s latest and greatest sticker product will have kids and their families saying, “Wow!”

Now available nationwide from toy retailers everywhere, Melissa & Doug’s Sticker WOW!® collection is a whole new way for kids to play with stickers! Each Sticker WOW! Activity Pad & Sticker Stamper features a collectible, character-based Sticker Stamper—choose from Unicorn, Dinosaur, Dog, and Tiger—which comes pre-loaded with a whopping 300 stickers in an easy-to-use stack, PLUS a 24-page activity pad.

Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow Creative play ideas for kids blog post

That’s hours and hours of engaging, mess-free, creative fun for kids who love playing with stickers. Also, Sticker WOW! Stampers can be RELOADED with our Refill packs (sold separately), so the creative sticker fun never has to run out.

Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow Creative play ideas for kids blog post

To help those parents and caregivers with kids who love sticker play, Melissa & Doug has come up with this helpful list of creative ways for kids to play with Sticker WOW! Scroll on for some quick and easy activities that your kids can do while playing with Sticker WOW!

Creative Sticker WOW! play prompt ideas for kids 

Sticker WOW! Play Ideas for Preschoolers

Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow Creative play ideas for kids blog post

Practice Basic Stamping: Give your little one blank paper and ask them to stamp out simple shapes: squares, circles, triangles, X’s & O’s, etc. 

Stamp Out a Masterpiece: If your kiddo is more independent and artistically inclined, ask them to create original designs of their own: a heart, a flower, a butterfly, a sun—whatever their imagination can come up with!

On-the-Go Game: Use Sticker WOW! stickers to play I Spy and count things while traveling: How many yellow cars? How many tractor trailers? How many rest stops did we use?

Practice Fine Motor Skills: Let your little ones handle the refills and reloading—manipulating the sticker stamper and adding the Sticker Refills will give your little one some extra opportunity to develop fine motor skills. 

Stamp Your Countdown to Fun: Use the stickers on a chart to count down to a special something: visit to the zoo, trip to see grandma, birthday celebration, family vacation…whatever helps build anticipation and gets them engaged.

Tell a Story about Their Stickers: Ask your preschooler to come up with details and tell a story about what they see on each sticker that comes out of the stampers. Ask your kiddo story prompt questions such as, “Who is this character? What’s their name? What happens next? Why are they doing this?”, and have them direct the action with their own imagination.

Sticker WOW! Play Ideas for School Kids

Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow Creative play ideas for kids blog post

Stick to Your To-Do List: Use Sticker WOW! to keep track of chores and to-do items on a rewards chart: How many times did they make their bed, walk the dog, do homework on their own, put dishes away, etc.

Sticker Stamp-olympics: Give your kids sticker-based tasks and let them compete in mini-family challenges. For example, create events like Sticker Alphabet Relay: One player takes the sticker stamper, creates an “A” with stickers, then passes the stamper to a teammate to create a “B” to keep the alphabet fun going. Or, who can make a smiley face the fastest? 

Tell a Story with Stickers: Have kids stamp out and tell a story. Since they won't know what design sticker is coming out, they’ll have to go with the flow and see where the stickers lead them. Consider doing a Mad Libs style or silly Choose Your Own Adventure, using the stickers as your prompts! 

Create Sticker Story Stones: This blog has a great idea to create story stones: decorate stones with stickers and/or drawings, and use them as story prompts—it’s a craft that turns into learning fun!

Get Crafty with Stickers: Let kids take advantage of Sticker WOW!’s easy application process during arts & crafts time: use stickers to enhance DIY greeting cards, collages, dioramas, dream boards, and journals—there’s no limit to the creative fun.

Sticker Learning Fun for ALL Ages

Melissa & Doug Sticker Wow Creative play ideas for kids blog post

Make a Sticker Reward Chart: Whether you're trying to reward healthy habits like toothbrushing and handwashing or want to track chores, Sticker WOW! offers a fun way for kids to visualize their progress.

Create a Sticker Collection: Fold several sheets of blank paper in half and stamp stickers in it to create a sticker collection!

Put a Fun Stamp on Learning: Kids can create DIY number and letter flashcards using Sticker WOW! to help them learn math and reading concepts. This teaching littles blog post offers a number of suggestions to incorporate stickers into learning fun, with activities that will help kids develop necessary skills such as number and letter matching, sorting, following a pattern, tracing, and more.

 Be sure to check out the Sticker WOW! printables here

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