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The 6 Best Stuffed Animals for Kids

October 05, 2022

Playing with plush toys and stuffed animals is an essential part of a child’s overall development.

Stuffed animals and plush toys are usually the first playmates that a young child has, and they help kids develop important social-emotional, imaginative, and storytelling skills that will help them immensely when they reach school age.

Not to mention, plush toys (or stuffies/loveys/soft toys) are an incredible source of comfort for kids. Doctors even recommend that adults cuddle or sleep with plush toys to help alleviate anxiety and insomnia.

A Curated Collection of our Best Plush Toys & Stuffed Animals

Melissa & Doug offers a complete menagerie of plush, furry friends ready to become your child's constant companion, all crafted with top-quality construction and attention to detail. From safari wildlife and barnyard favorites, to mythical creatures and every critter in between, Melissa & Doug has a plush pet for your little one to cuddle and care for. Read on for a curated selection of cuddly creatures for your kid to take home today! 

Giraffe Giant Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Giraffe Giant Stuffed Animal

THIS STUFFY’S STORY: Over four feet tall, this gentle giant brings a touch of the exotic into any environment. The perfect accessory in a nursery, this eye-catching giraffe is a great addition to any décor! Attention to authentic details and excellent quality construction make this giraffe easy to love!

PLUSH PRAISE:This was a great gift for twin 2-year old boys. Even after the party, I am still receiving pictures of the boys interacting with this giant giraffe. My big concern prior to purchase was if it would stand up on its legs without presenting any hazards for young kids. It does this and continues to ‘stand’ up to the roughness of 2-years olds.” —David B., in a 5-star Amazon review


Tiger Giant Stuffed Animal

 Melissa & Doug Tiger Giant Stuffed Animal

THIS STUFFY’S STORY: This elegant Siberian tiger features lifelike details from the tip of its striped tail to the pads on its front paws. Attention to detail and top-quality construction will provide exotic delight in any environment.

 PLUSH PRAISE:This tiger is everything you want. Soft plush and large. So beautiful. I ordered one as a gift and when it arrived I was so impressed I ordered a 2nd one for my grandbaby,” —Kristi K. Scott, in a 5-star Amazon review


Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal

 Melissa & Doug Burrow Bunny Rabbit Stuffed Animal

THIS STUFFY’S STORY: Lop-eared Burrow Bunny has long ears and long, extra-soft plush fur. Sit him up with his big feet flopped open or lay him by a pillow to make kids want to "hop" right in at bedtime. Children will love the kindly features and irresistibly soft plush of this charming rabbit stuffed animal.

PLUSH PRAISE:My little grandson loves him. Gave this bunny to my little guy for Easter with an Easter Book. ♥️♥️♥️ I sit him at different locations around the house. Adorable!” —Sharon, in a 5-star Amazon review


Unicorn Jumbo Stuffed Animal

 Melissa & Doug Unicorn Jumbo Stuffed Animal

THIS STUFFY’S STORY: This graceful unicorn will prance right into any child's collection -- and heart! With its pretty pink mane and tail, both scattered through with shimmering silver strands that catch the light, this enchanting friend is sure to become a new favorite. Additional irresistible details include super-silky plush fur, satin star decorations, beautiful blue eyes, and a soft, shiny horn.

PLUSH PRAISE:My husband and I bought this beautiful unicorn for my granddaughter’s first day of school. We put a sign around its neck with the message, ‘Have a magical year in kindergarten.’ When she woke up on the first day of school, this magical unicorn was there. She is delighted with it, and named it Abalee. So thank you for making her school year magical.” —Rhonda Sazzarin, in a 5-star Amazon review


Lion Giant Stuffed Animal

Melissa & Doug Lion Giant Stuffed Animal 

THIS STUFFY’S STORY: This King of the Jungle can rule over any environment! Beautifully detailed and lifelike, our king sized, stuffed lion is carefully constructed to be the "mane" feature in your home for many years.

PLUSH PRAISE: Purchased this lion, as well as several other Melissa & Doug stuffed animals, for my granddaughter for her 4th birthday. She loves stuffed animals, but they were also used for decorations for her jungle-themed party. Melissa & Doug toys are always good quality toys.” —Brenda Saunier, in a 5-star Amazon review


Jack Russell Terrier Dog Giant Stuffed Animal

 Melissa & Doug Jack Russell Terrier Dog Giant Stuffed Animal

THIS STUFFY’S STORY Lovable and familiar, this Jack Russell terrier is a faithful, steady friend. With top-quality construction, attention to authentic markings and a lifelike expression, this terrier seeks a happy home.

 PLUSH PRAISEWe had a puppy recently pass who's been a part of our lives for almost 14 years. This dog looked so much like her. The tears of joy on my momma’s face as she snuggles it are priceless. Adorable plush, very sturdy, and it has such a sweet face.” —Maddy, in a 5-star Amazon review

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