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Toy Spotlight: Doctor Role Play Costume Set

October 01, 2022

Dress-up pretend role play lets kids develop their imaginations, work on their storytelling ability, and explore all kinds of situations that help prepare them for the real world.

But if you want to promote dress-up pretend play to your child, you need to have dress-up costumes on hand! That’s why we’re shining the Toy Spotlight directly on the Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Set, one of our top-selling Dress-Up items!

Packed with loads of pretend doctor accessories, not to mention a customizable name tag that your child can personalize, the Doctor Role Play Costume Set will encourage your child to engage in pretend play that emphasizes helping, empathy, and healing—and that kind of imagination-boosting pretend play is just what the doctor ordered for your developing child. No need for an appointment—we’re ready to provide urgent care for all your child’s pretend play dress-up needs.

Why Kids Will Love this Doctor Role Play Costume Set

Doctor Role Play Costume Set

Girl playing with Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Set and examining her stuffed animal

Play Basics: The doctor will see you now! With this set, your little doctor will be fully equipped with a jacket and face mask, a stethoscope with sound effects, a reflex hammer, an ear scope, a syringe, and a name tag to personalize.

Playful Details: Dress-up-and-play set with everything a child needs to look the part of a doctor, plus exciting accessories to spur imaginative play. Includes white doctor’s coat, mask, thermometer, stethoscope with sound effects, reflex hammer, ear scope, syringe, and reusable name tag. High-quality materials ensure durability and safety Sized to fit kids 3 and up; great gift for hands-on, screen-free play. (Mask does not provide protection.)

Age: 3+ years 

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Doctor Role Play Costume


Who Will Love This: If your child has a kind, caring, and empathetic attitude, encourage them to explore medicine by gifting them the Melissa & Doug Role Play Costume Set. Is your kiddo an expert at applying band-aids? Do they have a healing bedside manner? Get your child started on an early track into medicine by inspiring them with our Doctor Role Play Costume Set! 

Skills at Play: Gross and fine motor skills; social/emotional skills; imagination and storytelling ability; problem-solving; language and listening; creativity.

There’s a saying in psychology: “Look good, feel good.” When your child pretend plays in the Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Play Set, they will magically transform into a mini medical professional: taking temperatures, giving vaccinations, checking vital signs, and much more! Role play allows kids to explore and understand real-world situations, so if your child has a caring, nurturing personality, you may want to consider inspiring them to think about a career in medicine with our Doctor Role Play Set!

Gift Tip: When wrapping up the Doctor Role Play Costume Set for gift-giving, why not give it that extra something special in the presentation? Consider shopping for a special Red Cross-themed wrapping paper from Etsy or Zazzle to put that touch of concierge medicine on the present!

Countless Ways to Play: If your child loves to engage in pretend dress-up play, Melissa & Doug offers a wide variety of role play costumes to choose from, no matter what future potential profession they might be interested in. 

Check out our handy checklist of six of top role play dress-up costumes below, and go here to shop our complete selection of dress-up toys!

Plays Well With: You can open your very own at-home urgent care when you pair the Doctor Role Play Costume Set with our Get Well Doctor Activity Center, a sturdy, multi-sided wooden play space that has everything kids need to role play visits to the doctor's office! Kids can be the patient or the doctor, the receptionist, or the nurse, and it's a great way to ease kids' fears about doctor visits and to encourage nurturing and empathetic play. Expand the medical practice and bring on support staff with our Pediatric Nurse Role Play Costume Set, which has everything little nurses need to take care of a newborn baby--including the baby! Finally, make sure you have all the specialty equipment your child’s pretend practice might need with the Get Well First Aid Kid Play Set, a 25-piece first aid kit play set with realistic pretend first aid essentials to examine and treat injuries that Includes wrist cast, splint, sling, wipes and gauze in pouches, long and small bandages, eye dropper bottle, play ice pack, forehead thermometer, activity card, and more.

Toy Story:Absolutely perfect. Our little doctor loves new medical equipment. She has already repaired several broken legs and arms…checked for broken hearts, and written some illegible prescriptions. I love that this is great for both girls and boys.” —Reed R., from a 5-star review