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Toy Spotlight: PAW Patrol™ See & Spell Pup Pad

April 17, 2023

We know the pups from PAW Patrol™ excel at rescuing people, and now they’re here to help your child with early spelling and reading skills!

To encourage your child to learn about letters and spelling through play, we’re shining our Toy Spotlight on a toy that features kids’ favorite characters: the PAW Patrol™ See & Spell Pup Pad!

Learning fun is always better for kids when their friends join in. So if you want to help your little one develop key letter, spelling, and language skills, put a call out to the pups with this PAW Patrol™ See & Spell Pup Pad. Here’s the scoop!

Why Kids Will Love the Paw Patrol See & Spell Pup Pad

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight PAW Patrol See & Spell Pup Pad

Melissa & Doug PAW Patrol See & Spell Pup Pad

Play Basics: Join PAW Patrol™ on a mission to spell! Slide one of the double-sided spelling cards into the wooden Pup Pad, then use the double-sided letter tiles to spell the three- or four-letter word depicted in the scene. 

Playful Details: Kids lift the flap on the Pup Pad to check the answer; when they remove the card, the tiles drop into the storage tray in the base! Kids can match letters to the words on the cards, spell from memory, or use the cards as flashcards as spelling ability increases. See & Spell is a great way for kids 4 and older to learn language and letters, and to develop fine motor and problem-solving skills. PAW Patrol™ is always ready to help, inspiring preschoolers with a blend of teamwork, adventure, and humor as they develop social, emotional, and developmental skills through play.

Age: 4+ years 

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight PAW Patrol See & Spell Pup Pad

Who Will Love This: Any child who’s a fan of PAW Patrol™ would sit, shake hands, and beg for the See & Spell Pup Pad! But parents can feel good about giving it as a gift because it promotes early letter and reading skills.

Skills at Play: Letter recognition, spelling, fine motor skills, problem-solving ability

Gift Tip: Put Chase on the case and leave PAW Patrol™-themed clues around the birthday party celebration for the guest of honor to follow. Using three- and four-letter words, lead the birthday kid to their Pup Pad and let the learning fun continue!

Countless Ways to Play: Pile up the double-sided letter tiles, put time on a stopwatch, and see how many words the kids can spell. Or show players pictures of simple items (cat, dog, pig, cow, home, car, bus), and have them hunt for the letter tiles to spell the words. Use the double-sided spelling cards as story prompts to have kids make up their own PAW Patrol™ adventures. Kids can really spell “fun”—and much more—with the PAW Patrol™ See & Spell Pup Pad!

Plays Well With: If promoting reading and language skills is a priority for you and your child, Melissa & Doug offers a host of learning fun toys that would perfectly complement the PAW Patrol™ See & Spell Pup Pad. The First Words Activity Pad is a natural progression to introduce more complex words and reinforce what’s already been learned. Kids will enjoy getting creative with what they learned using our Deluxe Wooden Stamp Set - ABCs & 123s and our PAW Patrol™ Wooden Stamps Activity Set to create crafts and tell stories, which means even stronger connections between brain and body development. Finally, big kids can put everything they’ve learned into practice by competing in engaging games of Flip-to-Win Hangman Travel Game to showcase their word and spelling skills.

The Buzz: “Super-fun way to learn how to spell! My kids loved this! Right away they started playing and learning. Easy early learning for I'd say pre-k and kindergarten! Comes with wooden block letters and a ton of spell cards with pictures you put in the activity pad. 10 out of 10 buy this! My kids took turns and we're happy while learning. [It] even has a tiny flip board if a child gets stuck. Totally easy for a child to [play] independently.” —Callie, in a 5-star review

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