Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter blog post

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Toy Spotlight: Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter

July 12, 2023

Pretend play not only provides proven developmental benefits for young children, it allows them to practice real world situations safely and process their feelings on their terms. 

That’s why pretend play toys such as our Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter—the Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight item of the month—are so critical to a young child’s development. 

The Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter not only provides two distinct play patterns (kids can be the customer or the sandwich maker), it goes a step further by introducing real-world elements such as money and commerce. 

Kids get valuable experience in a pretend setting, that they can explore and experience at their pace: Go into a shop, order what you want, pay your money, make sure you get the right change, be polite…kids can get valuable time practicing daily routines like this, which sets them up for success later on when they reach school age and beyond.

You can go ahead and install that commercial kitchen in your house now if you want to encourage your kid to go into the culinary arts…but we suggest shopping for a pretend play kitchen toy such as the Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter first as a test run. Hitting the Toy Spotlight in 3, 2, 1…order up!

Why Kids Will Love this Pretend Play Sandwich Counter 

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter blog post

Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter

Play Basics: Create piled-high sandwiches, made to order with this wooden sandwich counter play set with all the fixins!

Playful Details: The sturdy wooden deli counter includes a pretend play meat and cheese slicer for the wooden play food, and felt sandwich roll and toppings to create sandwiches ordered from the menu. There is a wooden dressing bottle, play snacks, and a cup with drink insert to round out meals that customers can pay for with the included play money! An illustrated guide helps with sandwich prep and shows kids how to use the slicer. It's a deliciously fun way to encourage counting, sorting, and fine motor skills, as well as imaginative play and storytelling.

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter blog post

Age: 3+ years 

Parents Will Love This Feature: All 52 pieces store in the sandwich counter for easy cleanup!

Who Will Love This: Any kiddo who enjoys cooking up open-ended imaginative play…parents, caregivers, and grandparents who want to encourage their kids to learn developmental skills such as counting, sorting, fine motor, imagination, and storytelling—not to mention, how to feed themselves!

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter blog post

So Many Ways to Play: Kids can experience the Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter from both sides of the counter: They can make the sandwiches, take money, and make change, or be the customer and place their order. Once kids get comfortable with that dynamic, parents and caregivers can customize the play patterns: Stage sandwich-making competitions and time the contestants…give the customers wacky play prompts and see how the sandwich-maker reacts…blindfold the sandwich maker and see how well they know their way around the counter. There are as many play combinations possible as there are sandwiches at your local deli!

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter blog post

Skills at Play: Counting, sorting, fine motor, imaginative play, storytelling

Pretend play has been shown to unlock all sorts of developmental benefits for kids, especially as it relates to growing their imaginations, expanding how they look at the world, and understanding their place in it. A pretend play toy such as the Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter goes the extra mile by introducing pretend money and transactions, which makes for valuable real-world practice as kids enter school age and beyond.

Get the Play Started: Try these suggested play prompts to inspire your imaginative child to play with the Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter:

  • Incorporate other pretend play foods from Melissa & Doug and challenge your sandwich-maker to concoct imaginative creations like a peanut butter, fluff, tuna, and pepperoni hoagie
  • Place an outrageous order with the sandwich maker, and break out the stopwatch to see how long it takes
  • Use the included “Make a Sandwich” prompt in your real kitchen and see how well your sandwich maker is coming along—remember, they’ve got to learn to feed themselves eventually!

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The Buzz: “A great gift! I bought this as a birthday gift for my 3-year-old great-nephew, and his mom sent me a photo and message telling me it is a favorite toy…using his imagination, creating sandwiches…I am so happy I bought this!” Susan, in a five-star review on

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter blog post