Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Wooden Work & Play Desktop Activity Board blog post

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Toy Spotlight: Wooden Work & Play Desktop Activity Board

May 09, 2023

Getting to “work” has never been so much fun! Infants and toddlers will love this wooden version of a laptop and desk that helps them practice developmental skills while they play.

Toy Spotlight: Pretend Play Work Station for Kids

Kids naturally want to explore and discover their own problem solving skills while emulating and connecting to the adults in their life. Now that more and more people are working remotely, this Wooden Work & Play Desktop Activity Board couldn’t be more timely. The adorable wooden desktop is filled with activities for little ones to explore while they engage in imaginative play that mimics their parents’ work-a-day world.

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Wooden Work & Play Desktop Activity Board blog post

Play Basics

Infants and toddlers will have fun “working” just like grown-ups do with this wooden activity board featuring exciting textures and sounds, and a kid-sized mirror.

Playful Details

This sensory toy for toddlers is packed with textures and sounds to engage little ones and inspire “a-ha!” moments of discovery. They can press the rubberized keyboard buttons, spin the rolling contact list to hear beads tumble inside, spin the wooden pencil, slide the adorable mouse along its track, and flip the double-sided mug insert for hot chocolate or juice. When opened, the computer screen reveals a peekaboo mirror to tap into babies’ fascination with faces. 

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Wooden Work & Play Desktop Activity Board blog post

You’ll Love This Special Feature

The Wooden Work & Play Desktop Activity Board has a built-in carrying handle and no loose pieces, so it’s a great toy for travel and families on the go.

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Wooden Work & Play Desktop Activity Board blog post

Age: 12+ months

Why Babies and Toddlers Will Love This Desktop Toy

Little ones can emulate their parents as they explore their own busy world with this toy version of a laptop and desk, sized right for little hands. They can spin, press, twirl, and move features to discover sounds, textures, movements, and delight in seeing their own reflection in the peekaboo mirror.

Goes Well With

Kids can fold up their pretend desktop, place it in the Wooden Shape Sorting Grocery Cart, and “commute” to other work spaces throughout the house. The sturdy wooden push cart is filled with fun skill-building activities for busy little workers to explore, and they’ll be ready for those important meetings with the pretend coffee cup with lid.

With the GO Tots Roll & Ride Bus, kids can imagine going to the office with friends while they explore cause-and-effect through delightful motion-driven moments. The 4-piece set includes chunky wooden GO Tots disks with six characters that spin and bounce as kids push the bus along. By pressing the button on top of the bus, the GO Tots roll out the back, ready to get to work!

Skills at Play

Babies and toddlers are discovering the fun of pretend play while exploring their world through their visual and tactile senses.

  • As they imagine being at work just like Mom or Dad, they’re developing social-emotional, language, and creative thinking skills
  • Interacting with the peekaboo mirror is a great way to encourage face-relevant stimuli and develop self-awareness
  • By manipulating the objects on the activity board, they’re practicing fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving, color and shape recognition, and more
Get the Playing Started
  • Set up a special little chair or cozy area for them to “work”
  • Compare items on your own desk and show your child how you use them
  • Prompt with statements such as, “Let’s get to work now,” or “What should we write?” as you demonstrate how to press the keyboard buttons
  • Play peekaboo with the mirror by opening and closing the toy laptop cover
  • Create pretend scenarios such as co-workers who need to solve a task together, or take turns being the boss
The Buzz

“As a parent I appreciate the quality of this product. As someone who works from home who also has a lap desk, my daughter will sit next to me and 'work' too. Though simple it's a great little busy board!” —Shar, from a 5-star review