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Eco-Friendly Activities for Kids Inspired By Our Sustainability Volunteer Work

June 22, 2022

“Think global, act local” has become a rallying cry for many people and organizations who care deeply about the environment, and Melissa & Doug has taken that idea to heart, putting it into practice as part of our ongoing sustainability initiatives.

Here are two local sustainability projects that Melissa & Doug associates have undertaken that inspired some eco-friendly activity ideas for our children — and maybe yours, too.

Planting Trees in Wilton, Connecticut
Melissa & Doug planting trees

Recently, 20 Melissa & Doug associates from our headquarters in Wilton, Connecticut, volunteered for a tree-planting and trail improvement project to help a local organization right in our own backyard.

In collaboration with One Tree Planted, our reforestation partner that is helping us reach our goal of planting 10 million trees by 2030, and Norwalk River Watershed Association (NRWA), we planted, watered, and mulched along the Norwalk River Valley Trail.  

Melissa & Doug planting trees

Volunteers from Melissa & Doug had the opportunity to make an environmental impact by joining the Pollinator Pathway, which is spearheaded by several conservation organizations including NRWA, to establish pollinator-friendly habitat and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinating insects and wildlife along continuous corridors through Connecticut watershed towns and beyond. 

“The NRWA is thrilled to partner with Melissa & Doug,” said NRWA President Louise Washer. “We appreciate the company’s commitment to supporting our river and local ecosystems. We really appreciate the generous contribution that made it possible to buy the plants and trees we put in, and most of all we appreciate the dedicated volunteers who came out to work so hard today. What a great group.” 

Learning more about pollinator plants and the role butterflies and bees play in nature made us think about how we could share that with our own kids.

ECO ACTIVITY #1: Plant a butterfly garden 

Butterflies are pollinators and an important part of the ecosystem. Have kids help you plant a butterfly garden in your yard or even in a container. Select a sunny location and plant flowers known for their nectar, such as marigolds, zinnias, lilacs, and, yep, butterfly bushes. Enlist kids to search for some smooth, flat rocks to place around the garden or container that butterflies can use to soak up the sun! 

Building Pallet Garden Beds in the United Kingdom
UK grow with me 4

Melissa & Doug associates across the pond in the United Kingdom recently made a local impact of their own at the Rickmansworth Park J.M.I. School.

U.K. Account Manager Victoria Hall organized an event for associates “to get our hands dirty and show our local community how we can support their children’s growth, in more ways than one.” 

To that end, the Melissa & Doug volunteers constructed garden beds from recycled pallets, filled them with soil, and provided seeds for the school children to plant and care for their own fruits and vegetables. This will help educators teach the children about gardening, sustainability, and the benefits of growing their own food. 

Melissa & Doug building garden beds
ECO ACTIVITY #2: Plant a Sensory Garden 

Have kids help you plan and plant a garden to delight the senses:

SIGHT: Colorful marigolds, morning glories (they climb!), zinnias, and allium

SMELL: Chocolate mint, pineapple  mint, lemon verbena

TASTE: Cherry tomatoes, berries, beans

TOUCH: It’s all about digging into the soil, pulling the weeds, and examining the velvety center of the sunflower!

SOUND: Listen to the buzz of the bees and the fluttering of the birds!

Stay tuned for regular updates on Melissa & Doug’s sustainability efforts as we continue to help protect our planet and its resources.

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