Sticker WOW! Stamp-Along Stories: Print & Play


Sticker WOW! Stamp-Along Stories: Print & Play

April 26, 2024

Have your kids tried our new Sticker WOW! products? They're a whole new way to play with stickers! And kids are loving playing with them in so many different ways — with the 24-page activity guide included with the product, to embellish their own artwork, and by using the sticker stampers as characters in their own storytelling and pretend play.

And now here's another fun way to play with Sticker WOW: Stamp-Along Stories! Have kids use their Sticker WOW! stamper to stamp each scene after they color and describe it.

It's a great way to develop those beginning reading and comprehension skills!

Printable Activities for Kids

Sticker WOW! Stamp-Along Story: Cupcake's Party

Get the printable

Sticker WOW! Stamp-Along Story: A Day at the Park

Get the printable

Find more Sticker WOW printables here and here.  

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