Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Wooden Café Barista Coffee Shop blog post

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Toy Spotlight: Wooden Café Barista Coffee Shop

September 14, 2023

September 29 is National Coffee Day!

When children engage in pretend play, they can freely practice real world situations, express their feelings on their own terms, and reap multiple developmental benefits. Melissa & Doug’s award-winning toys are designed with this in mind, as they inspire imaginations and encourage creative play.

Child development experts note that kids are watching us all the time, noticing our patterns of behaviors and learning from us. Having toys that feature everyday objects is a really fun way for them to role play while building their own sense of self.

That’s why we’re excited to highlight the beautifully crafted Wooden Café Barista Coffee Shop as our Spotlight Toy. It provides endless opportunities for pretend play, even down to the smallest details. And what’s more “everyday” than a morning coffee routine?

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Wooden Café Barista Coffee Shop blog post

Why kids will love this pretend coffee play set

Play Basics

This full-service wooden coffee shop from Melissa & Doug will perk up playtime as kids imagine being a busy barista or a thirsty customer. They can pretend to serve and sip make-believe coffee, espresso, whipped cream-topped lattes, tea, cold drinks, and more!

Serve Up the Fun

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Wooden Café Barista Coffee Shop blog post

The 35-piece barista playset has incredible features that let kids mimic the busy activities at the local coffee shop. Let’s get the orders started! They can use the coffee maker with a flip filter and “steamer” and the drink dispenser with frother to prepare pretend espressos, whipped cream-topped lattes, tea, and cold drinks.

The play experience is enhanced by the delightful accessories included in the set such as a durable wooden cup and mug, double-sided drink inserts, milk carton, ice tongs and cubes, spoon, and pretend sugar packet. Little customers can choose from items listed on the magnetic menu board, including wooden double-sided cake pops, cookies, and granola bars. Time to pay? Kids can slide the credit card into the swiveling pay terminal, and sign the magnetic pad to pay for purchases.

Ages: 3+

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Wooden Café Barista Coffee Shop blog post

Skills at Play

Fine motor development, counting and sorting, color and shape recognition, and storytelling. With this type of role playing toy, kids can also build their vocabulary and communication skills, and practice relating to others.

Who Will Love This

Any kiddo who loves open-ended imaginative play and enjoys food and kitchen toys. Also, caregivers who delight in seeing their loved ones have fun while practicing important developmental skills.

Get the Play Started
  • Parents can help stimulate kids’ imaginative thinking with “scaffolding” by prompting with phrases such as “Oh, you are drinking coffee like I do! How did you make it?” or  “What are the flavors today?” and “What will you order?”
  • Whether they’re playing with others or engaged in solo play, encourage kids to take turns being the customer and the barista–and show them features of the play set that relate to each.
  • Ask them to come up with a name for their coffee stand and create a sign or other menu items to display.
  • Take a trip to your local coffee shop and point out the similarities they can find in their coffee playset.
  • Have them come up with fun names to bring on the giggles when calling out a customer’s completed order.
  • Encourage a coffee bar contest and see how many drinks kids can make in a set time, or have them put together their own recipe for a totally out-of-the-ordinary drink or snack.
More Ways to Play

Kids can expand their drink offerings and also add sandwiches, ice cream, pizza, yummy cookies, and then tidy up their coffee shop when they close for the day.

The Buzz

“Kids love it! My kids ages 2, 6, and 8 love this! They all play coffee shop together and spend hours playing with this. We’ve had it for a few weeks and they still play with it daily. I would definitely recommend it!” – Elizabeth, from a five-star review.

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