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Spin Art Ornaments

2012-12-03 by Adrienne
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This festive spin art ornaments craft is shared with us by guest blogger Adrienne, aka The Iowa Farmer’s Wife.

With the holiday season upon us, I decided it was time for us to make some homemade ornaments. This is the first year my daughter has been old enough to really get into holiday craft making and thanks to our Melissa & Doug Swirl ‘n Spin, spin art set, she had a blast with this activity!

I set up the Swirl ‘n Spin with the paint that comes with the set along with a few other colors I knew my daughter would love. A few bottles of glitter glue also made an appearance!

Spin Art Ornaments Craft Collage

Once we got the hang of how the Swirl ‘n Spin works,  it was so much fun! My daughter is 3 and was able to spin it without any problems. We tried a few different ways: paint first, then spin; drizzling paint while spinning (this takes two people!); and adding more paint to a previously spun project.

Spin Art Ornaments Craft Collage 2

While the paintings dried, I set up rhinestones, sequins and glue for a decorating station. Then, once the paintings were completely dry, I cut a few into circles to make topsy-turvy tress. I cut the circles in half, then folded the paper into a cone to create a “tree.” I stapled the ends together, then stapled 3 cones on top of another to form a tree.

I also folded a few of the pieces of paper into origami style trees. I used a tutorial from a book we own, but here is a simple one here. (These ended up being my favorite, but my daughter is partial to the topsy-turvy trees.)

She decorated the trees, and then we added jingle bells to a few of them. We used embroidery floss as thread and threaded a jingle bell onto the strand before tying it off to create a loop used to hang the ornament.

We could have made these with regular paper, but I love the way they look with the designs created by the Swirl ‘n Spin! Such a simple way to celebrate the holiday season!

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Adrienne, aka The Iowa Farmer’s Wife, is a mommy blogger and mother of two who enjoys sharing simple ideas about educational activities for kids, frugal living and healthy eating. She lives in the Midwest, where she and her husband own a small farm. In addition to being a stay-at-home-mom, Adrienne teaches a speech course at a local university and serves as a co-coordinator of her local MOPS group. The Iowa Farmer’s Wife can be found on FacebookPinterestTwitter and Google+.

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