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The 10 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

2020-06-29 by Melissa & Doug
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Summer is here! But with many camps canceled and activities limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be looking for ways to get your kids outside and physically active. Here are some of our favorite outdoor toys that will inspire kids to get out and get moving and exploring the natural world! Find even more of the best outdoor toys here for babies, 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, 5-year-olds, and up!

  1. Blossom Bright Kids’ Gardening Tote Set


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: Getting help in the garden just got easier! The tools are just right for little helpers and easy to keep organized in the durable fabric tote with sturdy woven handles.
    Sweet Detail: Kids can use the working spray bottle to mist the plants with water — or themselves!
    Skills at Play: Imaginative thinking, fine motor development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Help kids plant a small herb garden they can tend to throughout the summer.

  2. Scootin’ Turtle Kickball


    Age: 2+
    Why It’s Great: Made of durable rubber, this playground ball is great for backyard fun or for playing games in the park.
    Sweet Detail: The classic rubber kickball features turtle artwork in cheerful blue, green, and yellow.
    Skills at Play: Gross motor development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Obstacle course time! Have kids set up obstacles in a straight line and try kicking, bouncing, or swatting the ball around them. How fast can they go?

  3. Seaside Sidekicks Brick Building Sand Toy


    Age: 2+
    Why It’s Great: Kids will love setting up their very own brick-making workshop or building site with molded plastic tools sized just for them!
    Sweet Detail: Colorful, easy-to-grasp pieces are designed to look like Sunny Patch characters Taffy Sea Turtle and Clicker Crab.
    Skills at Play: Fine motor development, hand-eye coordination
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Beach days don’t have to be at the beach. Find a sandbox and challenge kids to see how tall a wall they can build! Or encourage them to open up a “sand-wich” shop, making “loaves” of bread with the brick mold, slicing them with the trowel, and serving them up to hungry customers!

  4. Monster Bowling


    Age: 2+
    Why It’s Great: This beastly bowling set adds color, texture, and a whole lot of eyes to a familiar game. Six wacky plush pins with goofy expressions have weighted bottoms for extra stability, touchable textures, and detailed stitching.
    Sweet Detail: The set stores in a handy mesh bag to take the bowling fun wherever kids go.
    Skills at Play: Gross motor and social-emotional development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Shake things up by having kids set up the pins in various formations. For an added challenge, have them knock the pins over with Klonk (the ball) while wearing a blindfold or closing their eyes!

  5. Hop and Count Hopscotch Rug


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: Featuring cheerful birds, fluffy clouds, and a rainbow of colors, this hopscotch rug offers lots of ways to learn and play.
    Sweet Detail: Two colorful beanbag play pieces included.
    Skills at Play: Number sense, gross motor development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Toss a beanbag onto the rug and have kids land their beanbags in the same square. Take turns going first; the higher the number, the harder the toss!

  6. Giddy Buggy Binoculars


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: Bring distant objects and the natural world up close with these adjustable field glasses and focus on the adventure in every backyard or park.
    Sweet Detail: These 4×25 field glasses feature a bright and sturdy design.
    Skills at Play: Observation, nature appreciation
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Go on a field trip to the backyard or park with the binoculars and a notebook. Have kids write down the things they spot that you couldn’t see without the binoculars!

  7. Giddy Buggy Tunnel


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: Kids will love crawling through a rainbow of color in this bright tunnel. Giddy Buggy’s smiling face covers one end, making it extra fun to hide and seek in this nearly five-foot-long tube.
    Sweet Detail: Made of durable wipe-clean materials, it sets up quickly and easily folds flat for convenient storage.
    Skills at Play: Gross motor development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Incorporate the tunnel into a “backyard obstacle course challenge.” Or pretend it’s a “tunnel to adventure” leading to a magical kingdom, a deserted island, or a different planet!

  8. Flash Firefly Flashlight


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: This durable, easy-to-grip flashlight will shine a light on many fantastic childhood activities. Whether your child is curled up with a book under the covers or running around the yard playing flashlight tag, this is the perfect accessory for adventure!
    Sweet Detail: Features a child friendly on-off switch.
    Skills at Play: Exploration, gross motor development
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Play “flashlight stomp” with one person shining the flashlight on the ground, while other players race to step on the light!

  9. Camo Chameleon Bean Bag Toss


    Age: 4+
    Why It’s Great: The double-sided bean bag toss game for one or two players can sit horizontally or stand tall to provide several challenging ways to play!
    Sweet Detail: Eight numbered and color-coded bean bags featuring “delicious” insects for Camo to “eat.”
    Skills at Play: Hand-eye coordination, number sense
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Challenge kids to come up with their own rules and variations on the game. For example:

    PICK A POINT: Mark three different spots on which to stand and toss the beanbags. The closest earns players one point, the next earns two, and the farthest earns three points. Players choose a spot to toss their beanbag, earning the designated number of points for each pocket drop.

    WHO’S NEXT: Distribute beanbags randomly to players. Take turns tossing the beanbags in numerical order.

  10. Giddy Buggy Bug House


    Age: 3+
    Why It’s Great: Kids will love observing bugs and insects in this eye-popping bug house, featuring the ever-friendly Giddy Buggy character from Sunny Patch.
    Sweet Detail: Features an easy-access, bug-faced door, sturdy handle, and lots of ventilation.
    Skills at Play: Observation, nature appreciation
    Turn It Into a “Camp” Activity: Have kids line their bug house with soil, grass and soft leaves that the bugs they catch can hide in and munch on. Another way to play is to set up some toys and play figures inside the bug house to create a scene! Try turning it into a garage for toy cars or a barn for miniature animals.

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