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Three Letter Writing Activities for Little Travelers

2012-11-13 by Melissa & Doug

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Some say the art of writing letters is lost, but not us! We love the skills letter writing activities can build in children, including spelling practice, storytelling, imaginative play, and more. A perfect time to build this skill is when many families hit the road! While on vacation, little travelers can write letters to their friends and relatives back home.

Three Letter Writing Activities for Little Travelers

Here are three simple activities for your little travelers to enjoy:

1. Sneaky Surprise Notes!

If your child is spending an extended amount of time away from home, he may feel a bit anxious or unsettled. Use letters as a way to discuss feelings, or just spread a little extra love within your own family. Leave a love note under the child’s pillow (especially if staying in a hotel or unfamiliar place), or at the breakfast table for him to discover when he wakes up!

Check out this inspiring blog post by Joyce of ChildhoodBeckons. Her son used letter writing practice with our Wooden Mailbox as a way to connect with his father during a busy time. Through pictures, love notes, and little surprises, he found multiple ways to connect with his parent and nurture the connection between them.

Read her full post and list of ideas here.

2. Stamp Letters

Recently, Instagram fan @Taylerkaye06 shared this Alphabet Stamp project with us. We think this is a fantastic way to encourage spelling and letter writing practice in a unique, imaginative way!

Three Letter Writing Activities for Little Travelers

Some ideas for using stamps for letter writing include:

  • Have the child practice patterns, making certain letters a particular color, or alternating colors.
  • Practice distinguishing between uppercase and lowercase letters while “writing” the note.
  • Choose a special person your child hasn’t seen in a while, and talk about different things the child would write in a letter for that person.

3) Pretend Letter Play

Without having to stamp and mail out physical letters, your little traveler can still have some mailing fun while on an out of town visit! Using “pretend” mailboxes (which can be things as simple as shoe boxes or paper grocery bags), have your child “write” letters and deliver them around the house you’re visiting. This is also a creative way to bond with family members or friends your child may not see very often, as your child “delivers” their hand-made letters as special momentos of your time together. What a creative keepsake!

Some ideas:

  • Ask the child to write his/her name (or first initial) on a postcard and “mail” it (slide it under a door or drop it in a drawer)
  • Write a word on a postcard and ask the child to use a crayon to copy the letters onto another postcard
  • Ask the child to play “mail carrier” by distributing their letters and postcards to people in the family, then collecting them again. The “recipients” may use crayons or a pencil to add a new message or delivery instructions for the mail carrier.

Three Letter Writing Activities for Little Travelers

Happy travels!


Melissa & Doug

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