Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight: Barber Shop Play Set blog post

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Toy Spotlight: Barber Shop Play Set

October 03, 2023

Come on down to the barber shop! Kids discover their passions and joys through pretend play, whether they imagine running to the rescue, serving up cool treats, or grocery shopping. 

For generations, kids have enjoyed beauty salon play sets, and we’re excited to introduce this really fun Barber Shop Play Set —honored as a Toy Fair 2023 Hero Toy at the highly publicized toy industry event.

Why kids will love this pretend play grooming kit

Play Basics

Cut, trim, shave, and style with pretend play shaving essentials for a trip to the barber! Kids can role play being the barber or the customer, and enjoy hours of fun as they mimic the lively activity and conversations happening at the local barber shop. This high-quality barber shop toy for kids ages 3 and older includes an adjustable play beard and pretend accessories for “a little off the sides,” a full haircut, and a shave.

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Barber Shop Play Set blog post

Playful Details

Engaging, pretend-play fun allows both boys and girls 3 and older to play the barber or the customer. Kids can pretend to style and trim the soft, wearable beard with adjustable straps. Want a traditional shave? Swirl the squishy, textured shaving cream in a tub with the soft-bristled brush to pretend to lather up, then trim with play scissors. The set includes a pump shaving can, pretend trimmers that vibrate (no batteries required), and a rolling razor for a modern, smooth-finish style shave. It also has a hand mirror that flips to stand, a comb, brush, tub of pretend pomade, and a reusable double-sided activity card.

Parents Will Love This Feature

Clean-up is easy! Everything in this kids’ barber shop set conveniently stores in the sturdy, zippered shaving kit.

Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Barber Shop Play Set blog post

Ages 3+

So Many Ways to Play

Children can imagine welcoming customers to their barber shop, and practice caring for others while they pretend to trim hair, and offer up a shave. They can explore different textures and shapes while using the pretend barber essentials to cut, snip, lather, and style while they craft their own stories and engage in hours of imaginative play. As the customer, kids can express how they’d like to look and what special treatment they’d prefer while they enjoy being pampered and attended to. The conversations continue when the barber holds up the play mirror and the customer admires a job well done. The Barber Shop Play Set for kids is not only a learning tool that provides many developmental benefits, it’s also a source of endless entertainment through hands-on, screen-free play.

Skills at Play

This barber set for kids encourages creative play, promotes fine motor development, language skills, hand-eye coordination, and supports sensory development.

Get the Playing Started

The Melissa & Doug barber shop toy provides opportunities for kids to interact with each other, and it’s also a wonderful platform for you to interact with your child. Here are a few prompts to help you engage and get the playing started.

  • Greet your little barber as a brand new customer coming into the barber shop. Ask them what kind of haircut they think would look good on you and what other ideas they might have for your hair.
  • Reverse roles and ask them what kind of haircut they would like. Demonstrate the different accessories and how they can be used.
  • Ask your child how long they’ve been a barber in town and ask them to name some other customers that you might know. Pretend you’re a long-time customer and ask them some simple questions as you catch up on family, friends, and pets.
  • As the customer, request an outlandish hairstyle or beard trim and have fun sharing out of the box ideas.
  • Ask the barber what steps they take to open up and get ready before customers arrive, and have them walk you through their routine when closing up at the end of the day.
Keep the Role Play Going

Does your child love to role play? Expand their pretend play experience beyond the barber chair with these other Melissa & Doug role play toys for kids ages three and older. Create a full-service salon alongside the Barber Shop Play Set with the Beauty Salon Play Set. After the trip to the barber, they can imagine having lunch at the deli next door with the Slice & Stack Sandwich Counter, enjoying cool treats at the Cool Scoops Ice Creamery, and perking up with a visit to the Café Barista Coffee Shop down the street. Provide more opportunities for kids to express their care and compassion for others with the 25-piece Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set, the 25-piece Super Smile Dentist Play Set, and the adorable Examine & Treat Pet Vet Play Set

The Buzz

"I got the [Melissa & Doug Barber Shop Play Set] for our son since his dad is a professional barber. It was great watching his dad name each piece in the set and state how realistic the piece looked. It also ended up being hours of fun for both our son and girls!" —DivaMom3, in an online 5-star review


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Melissa & Doug Toy Spotlight Barber Shop Play Set blog post