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4 Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids

2016-06-28 by Kristina Buskirk
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These awesome backyard Olympics ideas for kids are shared with us by our guest blogger Kristina of Toddler Approved.

I have always loved watching the Summer Olympics. As a little kid I would glue myself to the TV watching gymnastics and cheering on my favorite athletes. Now as a mom I love to find ways to share Olympics fun with my own kids through simple games.

Today I am sharing four more simple Olympics themed activities that you can do in your backyard. These activities are easy to put together and a whole lot of fun. For our backyard Olympics each team was given an activity to do.

Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids

Once they completed one activity, they moved to the next one. Once they finished all four activities they were done! The fastest, most enthusiastic, silliest or hard-working kids earned awards.

Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids

1. Baby Pool Catch & Match Game

In order to set up our Baby Pool catch & match game you only need a baby pool, a Taffy Sea Turtle catch and hatch pool toy, and some water.

To get started we filled up the baby pool with water until the water was about calf level on the kids. Then we dropped the Taffy Sea Turtle catch and hatch eggs into the water.

Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids

The team goal was to work together to match all of the turtles that were inside the eggs.

Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids

Once finished, the kids threw the eggs back into the pool for the next team and moved on to the Bubbles Relay.

What we learned:

The baby pool catch and match game focused on simple fine motor skills since kids needed to squeeze the eggs to open them. We also practiced basic number recognition and matching as we searched for the turtles and tried to match them. For younger toddlers. we just match the colored turtles and worked on color recognition.

Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids

2. Bubbles Relay

We love watching the races in the Olympics, especially the relays. For our bubbles relay we only needed a few simple materials to create our course.

Materials Needed for the Bubbles Relay:

To set up the course, first we made a rainbow pool noodle tunnel. We stuck yard stakes into the lawn, two at a time, about 2 feet away from one another, and then we slipped the pool noodles over the yard stakes to create archways. Once we added all of the pool noodles to create a tunnel, we placed the Tootle Turtle Bubble set at one end of the tunnel.

Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids

Kids lined up for the relay and once we yelled “GO!” one person would race through the pool noodle tunnel, to the end, blow some bubbles, then crawl back and tag the next racer to come.

Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids

As the kids raced, they got better at moving quickly through the tunnel (without knocking anything over) and blowing the bubbles. The first team to complete all of the tasks with a happy attitude was the winner!

Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids

What we learned:

We learned how to work together as a team. We learned about our bodies and spatial awareness as we crawled and tried to avoid knocking down the pool noodles. We worked on gross motor skills as the kids jumped and ran around trying to catch and pop the bubbles. We also worked on visual tracking skills as the bubbles moved quickly around the backyard.

Have you ever hosted a Backyard Olympics?

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Awesome Backyard Olympics Ideas for Kids


Kristina Buskirk

Kristina is the founder of Toddler Approved. She is a mom of four (ages 8, 5, 3, and 5 months), as well as a National Board certified teacher. Kristina taught elementary school for several years before she retired to be a full-time mom. She loves chocolate, running, traveling, and party planning. You can follow the Toddler Approved Facebook Page for more fun activities.

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