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4 Ideas for Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk

2014-07-14 by Carrie Anne Badov
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These ideas for getting creative with sidewalk chalk are shared with us by guest editor Carrie Anne from EverythingMom.com.

4 Ideas for Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk

Just like crafts can keep the kids occupied on a rainy day, a bucket of colourful sidewalk chalk can keep the kids engaged outside on a nice day. We used our chalk to expand our creativity and challenge our thinking with these 4 ideas.


Yes, this is a traditional sidewalk chalk game but my kids still love it. But instead of playing the traditional 10-square game, I turned it into a challenge. How about an extreme hopscotch board?

4 Ideas for Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk

My kids are always up for a challenge. We started at the corner of our street and proceed to draw a hopscotch board all the way down the sidewalk until we reached our house (or until all of our chalk disappeared). To ensure everyone had a chance to draw the board I assigned the kids a number factor. My oldest daughter did the odd numbers, my son did the even and my youngest did all the tens. Our board went all the way up to 180.

The kids loved drawing the board, creating the squares and writing the numbers but of course the best part was actually playing the game. To be honest we didn’t play the traditional hopscotch with a stone but instead just jumped from start to 180 over and over again. Even strangers couldn’t help but get into the game (when they thought we weren’t looking). Why not super-size your next game of hopscotch? How far will your board go?

4 Ideas for Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk

Summer Mural

For us summer is full of activities and travel. We look forward to all the fun we plan to squeeze into our two-month window of free time. In anticipation to the fun that lays ahead why not create a summer mural? Create a large frame and within the empty space invite the kids to draw images of the things they are looking forward to doing. Perhaps a beach umbrella for their trip to the beach, an ice cream cone they can’t wait to enjoy with grandma, the family car heading out on a weekend road trip or their bike that they will have more time to ride. It’s a blank canvas ready for the family to fill with images of their summer fun expectations.

4 Ideas for Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk Gallery

Like in my last post about painting with the kids, creating artwork within frames like at the art gallery, you can do the same thing with chalk. Simply create a number of frame shapes and invite the kids to fill them with their artistic creations.

4 Ideas for Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk

From flowers and pets, to even tracing their hands, you’ll create a wonderful gallery of family artwork to enjoy outside (at least until the rain arrives).

Intersecting Line Mosaic

I’ve always been a fan of Venn diagrams for the math aspect but also on the creative side, forming new shapes out of overlapping images. We decided to play with this idea for a mosaic piece outside. Working within a fixed sidewalk square we took turns drawing straight lines from edge to edge, creating shapes within the overall square. Once these shapes were drawn the task was to fill each shape with a colour but ensuring that the same colour wasn’t used on an adjoining shape. The kids gravitated to the outside shapes making the colour avoidance easy but as more and more shapes were filled this task became trickier.

4 Ideas for Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk

The work wasn’t just about colouring a picture but strategically thinking about what colour to put where, sometimes thinking two shapes ahead. The Melissa & Doug Jumbo Triangular Chalk Sticks offered a lot of colour choices (we used white for the borders only). To ensure we had enough chalk to fill our space the kids rubbed the chalk into the area. This gave us full colour in our final images without having to physically colour ever aspect of each shape. To ensure no scraped fingers I would recommend wearing work gloves or using a rag to do the rubbing on the sidewalk or driveway surface.

4 Ideas for Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk

As the kids spent so much time focused on each individual shape they were colouring, they were amazed at the overall design of their work in the end.

There are just four easy ways to extend some creative and logical thinking into your chalk play this summer. I compiled a list of 51 Chalk Craft Ideas  for some additional inspiration. Now I just need to order some more chalk from Melissa & Doug.

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4 Ideas for Getting Creative with Sidewalk Chalk


Carrie Anne Badov

Carrie Anne, Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of EverythingMom.com, loves encouraging families to explore creativity, family fun, the joy of traveling together and reading. As a blog ambassador she is excited about share interesting ways to include Melissa & Doug toys in every day family life. Follow Carrie Anne on her Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Google+.

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