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5 Tips & Tricks to Help Prepare Your Kids for Going Back to School

2015-04-11 by Sara Zenner
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These  tips & tricks to prepare kids for going back to school come to us from our guest blogger Sara of Bitz & Giggles.

Help Prepare Your Kids for Going Back to School

Back to school. Are you ready for this? More importantly, are your kids? If your summer has been anything like ours, we’ve had a major break in routine. The kids have been switching back and forth between summer school and camp, bedtime has gotten pushed back by at least 30 minutes and our normal “reading time” has been traded in for more outside play time.

In my opinion, it’s all good. That’s what summers are for. But, how quickly it all comes to an end! The first day of school will be here before we know it. . .whether we’re ready. . .or not.

Help Prepare Your Kids for Going Back to School

Today, I’m sharing some fun ways to help ease the back-to-school transition, and make heading back, an exciting time!

  1. Re-establish an earlier bedtime routine. 
    Uggh. This is a tough one. It’s normal for kids to have some trouble getting back into a structured bedtime routine again after a couple months of staying up later and sleeping in. If possible, sit down for an earlier supper and allow enough time for everyone to unwind before bed. Incorporate quiet time or reading back into the routine so your child starts getting used to setting aside the time that will be necessary to complete homework once school is back in session.
  2. Prepare for tomorrow, tonight.
    Help the family get out of the door on time in the morning with a little evening prep. Have the kids pack their backpacks and lay out their clothes for the next day. . .the night before. If you pack your child’s lunch, have their lunch bag out on the counter ready to go with any non-perishable snacks already placed in the bag. If you’re sending along any fruit or veggies, clean them, cut them and bag them so you can just grab them from the fridge in the morning.
  3. Be excited for the day.
    If you’re not excited to start your day, your kids probably won’t be excited to start theirs either. Put on a smile in the morning (as difficult as that can be some days), pour an extra cup of coffee and give your kids the pep talk they need. Get them thinking positively about the day ahead – what fun, new things will they do today, what friends will they see, etc.
  4. Let your kids know you’re thinking of them.
    Hide a little note in your child’s backpack with a positive message or include one of these jokes alongside the food in their lunchbox. It’s just a kind gesture that will make them smile and reassure them that you’re thinking of them even when they’re at school.
  5. Avert distractions during homework time.
    Allow some time at the end of the day for your child to unwind after school, but then have them start on their homework preferably before supper. The incentive to getting homework done in our home is the opportunity for our kids to play with their friends afterwards. While the kids are working on homework, keep distractions to a minimum by shutting off electronic devices and hanging one of these “Homework In Progress” signs on the door to alert neighborhood BFFs to stop back later. No knocking or doorbell ringing allowed.

Going back to school doesn’t need to feel like a shock to the system. Ease into things gradually by using some of these tips and tricks, and everyone in the family will transition to the new schedule just fine. Good luck!

P.S. Don’t forget to prepare for those first day of school photos, too!


Help Prepare Your Kids for Going Back to School

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Help Prepare Your Kids for Going Back to School


Sara Zenner

Sara Zenner of Bitz & Giggles — Sara finds creative ways to balance a full-time work schedule with being a full-time mom. She enjoys experimenting with recipes and sharing dinner tips with fellow parents! Join Sara for fun recipes and teaching moments that can be captured right in the kitchen! Connect with Sara online → Pinterest | Google+ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Blog

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